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Twitter doubling down on Stupid

Good day all. Once again, Twitter has ordered the New York Post to delete any and all posts dealing with the Biden Crime Family or else. They have announced they will not unlock their twitter account until this is done. As of the writing of this post, the New York Post has basically told Twitter […]

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Facebook, Twitter and censorship

Good day all. Last week, the New York Post broke a story that appeared to show that then Vice President Dementia Joe Biden’s son, Hunter “Hoovernose” Biden, was hired by Burisma for the sole purpose of having “Daddy” come down on the Ukrainian government and get them to end an investigation into the company.

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Twitter and Facebook protecting Dementia Joe

Good day all. Yesterday, News came out that a hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter “Hoovernose” Biden had been in the hands of the FBI since last December, and that it contained evidence that Hovernose’s father, the senile pedophile, Dementia Joe Biden had used his position ad Vice President to aid and protect Burisma.

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Facebook Sucks! (Of Course)

Good day all. Last week, the Angry Systems Administrator found out that our posts going into Twitter were not showing up on Facebook. (Or as I generally refer to it, Faceplant)

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