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The ever so classy Cuomo calls critic “Child Rapist”

Good day all. As Govno Andrew Flaming Cuomo’s political life starts circling the drain at an ever increasing rate, more and more stories are coming out showing what a complete dirtbag he truly is. One such story has come out where Flaming Cuomo threatened a political opponent by comparing him to a child molester.

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New York takes the lead from the Fake President, Institutes internal passports

Good day all. I saw this when I was writing up my previous post on the plans by the Fake President to institute Internal Passports. It seems that New York, under the tender ministrations of the murderous Govno, Andrew Flaming Cuomo, has gone and done just that.

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Hypocrisy, Thy name is Pelosi

Good day all. Calls for the Govno of New York, Andrew Flaming Cuomo to resign have grown, and has crossed the political aisle. Of course, the reason for the demands that he resign have nothing to do with the 15,000 people he basically killed with his orders. No, he’s being told to leave because he is a misogynistic sexist pig.

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Resolution to Impeach Flaming Cuomo announced

Good day all. It looks like the next step in the saga of Govno Andrew “Flaming” Cuomo is about to be taken. The Republicans, (All three of them), in the New York State Legislature have announced that they will introduce a resolution to impeach Cuomo

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