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Election 2020: Mayhem in Michigan

Good day all. There is a lot of information starting to come out, no thanks to the Main Stream Media, Google, Facebook and Twitter, regarding the apparent rigging of the 2020 Election by the Democrat Party. As of this posting, no states have certified the votes for President.

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Once again, Democrats using untraceable election funds

Good day all, Back in 2012, the Obama campaign was caught and heavily criticized for not using the verification system when accepting online credit card donations. This system verifies that the account is held by someone in the United States and will reject any foreign donations.

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Trump suspends H1B visas, companies scream bloody murder

Good day all. The H1B visa program was meant to allow a company to hire a foreign worker to handle a job that no one else could do. It was meant to be a very rare occurrence. However, companies have used the H1B program to replace American workers with cheap, imported labor.

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Voter fraud in New Hampshire?

Good day all. The President’s commission on election integrity has been quietly scaring the crap out of the Democrat party. One of the first things they requested was all publicly available voter records from the states.

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