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Democrats demand that conservative news networks be deplatformed

Good day all. We are now seeing a full court press to end the 1st Amendment rights to free speech by the Democrats, or as I call them, the Democratic CommuNazi party. They are being aided in their quest to destroy all that we hold dear by the Big Tech platforms.

Baen’s Bar, the counterattack continues

Good day all. Things are getting hot for the Progressive pinhead, Jason Sandfart. The attempt to by this loser to take down Baen Publishing is now going viral as more and more sights not connected with Baen pick up on the story.

Baen’s Bar taken offline due to whiny Progressive totalitarian

Normally I would start with “Good day all” but not today. I am truly angry that a forum I have been on for at least 10 years was forced offline, hopefully temporarily, because of a loudmouthed whiny hard left anti-free speech progressive two legged turd. I speak of Baen Publishing’s in house forum, Baen’s Bar.

CNN trying to shut down conservative media

Good day all. The Communist News Network, generally referred to as CNN, destroyed what little credibility they had when President Trump won the election in 2016. CNN didn’t have all that much credibility to begin with, since they used to be known as the Clinton News Network.