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Free Speech? Not under the Harris/Biden regime

Good day all. We already know that the Democratic CommuNazis are looking to cement themselves into place as the rulers of America Forever. They have been taking aim at the 2nd Amendment for decades. Now one of the Bidenbots has let the cat out of the bag and is calling for an end to the […]

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Kalifornistan CommuNazi announces hatred of Free Speech

Good day all. Representative Ted Lieu, (CommuNazi, Kalifornistan), Is not known for his respect for individual rights. He is not noted for supporting the Constitution he has sworn an oath to uphold. Now he has gone on record saying he would love to regulate people’s right to speak freely.

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A good day not to go to Boston

Good day all. Hot on the heels of one messed up week, we’ve got another Free Speech rally, this time in Boston, Massachusetts. Needless to say, this looks like a good day for me not to go to Bean Town.

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Democrats try to suppress free speech

Good day all. This is almost a standing headline these days. In this case, it was the three Democrat members of the Federal Election Commission who decided that any conservative speech must be suppressed.

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