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AOC demands funds to reeducate deplorables

Good day all. Once again, Comrade Alexandria Occasional-Cortex has announced what she wants to do to most Americans. Her latest idiocy is to demand fund to “Deradicalize White Supremacists and Conspiracy Theorists.”

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WhatsApp suffering major decline

Good Day all. WhatsApp is a chat program that allows users to send encrypted texts to each other. It’s also owned by Facebook, and recently people have found out that Facebook has all but gutted the security features in it. (So they can gather info for marketing)

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AOC, “About that 1st Amendment thing? Forget about it!”

Good day all. Since the Great Election Theft of 2020, the Socialist Media companies have been moving to suppress any discussion that they do not approve of. Various media companies other then the Mostly Stupid Media, (Newsmax for instance), have been doing some actual reporting on the apparent election fraud. Well, as expected, this has caught the attention of that blithering idiot, Alexandria Occasional Cortex.

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Parler finding a new home

Good day all. Parler, the microblogging competitor to Twitter, was murdered over the weekend by Amazon Web Services with the apparent collusion of Twitter, Google and Apple. There is a legal case being brought. In the mean time, Parler has been trying to find a new home and it looks like they may have.

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