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Tulsi Gabbard sees just what the CommuNazis have in store for America

Good day all. Tulsi Gabbard was a representative from Hawaii until this year. She gave up her seat to run for President on the Democratic ticket. She had even less chance then Comrade Bernie Sanders, since she is neither insane nor a flat out Communist.

CNN trying to shut down conservative media

Good day all. The Communist News Network, generally referred to as CNN, destroyed what little credibility they had when President Trump won the election in 2016. CNN didn’t have all that much credibility to begin with, since they used to be known as the Clinton News Network.

South Dakota leads the nation in Beer Virus inoculations

Good day all. The Greatest President in the 21st Century, Donald J. Trump, kept another of his promises to get a vaccine for the China Virus out to the states as quickly as possible. However, there have been some issues with getting it into the arms of those who need it.

So much for prosecutors claims regarding MAGA protesters

Good day all. January 6th 2021 saw a couple of hundred thousand Trump supporters in Washington protesting the Stolen Election and hoping that the members of the Senate and House would do their duty and look into what actually happened. As we know, a few hundred people appear to have gone a little over the […]