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Who is going to replace Ruth Bader-Ginsburg?

Good day all. Now that the Notorious Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has assumed room temperature, the question arises, “Who is President Trump going to select as his nominee for the Supreme Court?

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Progressive Liberals are not handling RBG’s impending replacement very well

Good day all. With the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis have been rending their hair and gnashing their teeth. President Trump will be putting forward a nominee who is anything but the Notorious RBG.

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Ding Dong the notorious RBG is DEAD!

Good day all, and from my point of view, it is a good day. Associate Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has finally croaked. Now President Trump gets to finally replace someone who announced she didn’t like the Constitution of the United States with someone who actually has read it.

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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: More lawsuits being filed in NY

Good day all. As people come to the conclusion that the lock-down ordered by the nations governors was both a waste of time and an economic disaster, (Not to mention a massive violation of civil rights), they are beginning to demand a return to normalcy.

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