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Democrats can’t understand why Trump is popular with Latinos

Good day all. When President Trump won in 2016, he picked up a few more Latino votes then is usually the case for Republicans. As time went on, his popularity with the “Latino” voters greatly increased.

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9th Circus once again ignores the constitution Part 145242

Good day all. I’ve been busy and this one slipped under my radar. There was a case that reached the 9th Circus Court of Appeals regarding the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Once again, the 9th Circus ignored both the constitution and precedent and said “Nope! You slaves have no rights!

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Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down mask mandate

Good day all. One of the things that has driven me, and millions of others nuts is the very questionable mandate that everyone must wear a diaper on their face. Some of the more extreme mandates would fine and jail people for not wearing one when outside and alone.

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Want more proof Big Tech will protect the Fake President?

Good day all. I recently wrote up a post on how Faceplant’s ZuckBorgs had censored an interview by the Daughter In-law of the Greatest President in the 21st Century, Donald Trump. Faceplant removed the video and flat out threatened Ms. Trump for putting it up there.

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