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Baen’s Bar taken offline due to whiny Progressive totalitarian

Normally I would start with “Good day all” but not today. I am truly angry that a forum I have been on for at least 10 years was forced offline, hopefully temporarily, because of a loudmouthed whiny hard left anti-free speech progressive two legged turd. I speak of Baen Publishing’s in house forum, Baen’s Bar.

Great News! Parler is BACK!!

Good day all. just after the events of January 6th, the Twitter like service called Parler was, to be blunt, murdered by Big Tech. In the space of about 36 hours, the Apple and Google app stores removed the Parler app. Then, with almost no notice, Amazon Web Services took Parler offline permanently.

Gun grabbers “R” Us have a new bill, H.R. 127

Good day all. With the installation of the Fake President, the Democratic CommuNazis are wasting little time in setting fire to the Constitution of the United States and stripping Americans of their god and natural rights. One of these is the plan to disarm the citizens, and Sheila Jackson Lee has come up with a […]

Dominion machines gave votes to Democrats in NH

Good day all. The fallout from the Tainted Election of 2020 continues with a story regarding the Dominion voting machines and one of the towns local to Anger Central, Windham, NH. It seems that the counting machines uniformly took 300 Republican votes and assigned them to the Democrats.