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AOC, “About that 1st Amendment thing? Forget about it!”

Good day all. Since the Great Election Theft of 2020, the Socialist Media companies have been moving to suppress any discussion that they do not approve of. Various media companies other then the Mostly Stupid Media, (Newsmax for instance), have been doing some actual reporting on the apparent election fraud. Well, as expected, this has […]

Dementia Joe selects a flat out racist for Civil Rights chief

Good day all. The more we see of the Biden administration, the worse things are. We already know that the Thief in Chief is going to throw open the borders to the United States, surrender to anyone who asks and follow the orders of his masters in the Chinese Communist Party. Now we see that […]

25K troops in Washington and the Democrats don’t trust them

Good day all. Currently there is something like 25,000 troops in Washington, sent there to protect the Uniparty worthies from the dirty, unwashed masses who had the temerity to demand that their rulers actually do their jobs and investigate the election results.

Democrats love fences now. Want permanent fence around capitol

Good day all. The Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazi elite are still in the process of filling their pants with crap after the January 6th protest. Now the party that said a fence along the border would never work, wants a fence surrounding the Capitol building.