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Obamacare and new babies…No insurance for you!

Good day all. Have you just had a new baby? Congratulations! Now try getting your new son or daughter onto your health insurance plan.

Democrats panicked over Obamacare taxes

Good day all. It seems that the Progressive chickens are roosting all over Obamacare. It’s now beginning to sink in to their thick heads that millions of their constituents are going to get hit with massive taxes, all thanks to the bill “They had to pass to know what was in it.

Govt. Says Eggs are good to eat after all

Good day all. I hope you’re in a far warmer place then I am. It’s below zero outside the Anger Central offices right now. In any case, one way to keep warm is to eat something tasty. I like eggs, scrambled or fried. For decades, we’ve been told that eggs really aren’t good for us. Now the United States Government has changed their mind.

Harvard faculty hit in the head by reality

Good day all. I first saw this story at the Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler this morning. Apparently, the Harvard University faculty has been hit upside the head with the “Clue by Four of Reality.” They are finally seeing how the “Lower classes” deal with health insurance and they are not liking it.

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