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Sebelius thinking about running for U.S. Senate

Oh PLEASE, Please make it true! The Kansas Democrat party is asking soon to be former Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius to run against the current senator, Pat Roberts.

Now you have Obamacare, how about a doctor?

Greetings all. Last week, Obama decided to spike the ball and claim that Obamacare was a resounding success. He claimed they had 7.1 million people sign up. Interestingly, they weren’t able to provide the number of sign-ups prior to that announcement.

California docs say No Thanks to Obamacare

California was one of the biggest boosters of the disaster known as the Affordable Care Act. They were so happy to support it that Obama used California’s exchange system as proof that it was working. There was just a few problems with that.

About those state Obamacare exchanges

I’ve talked about what a disaster the Obamacare roll out was last October. Unfinished and nonfunctional just to start with and I won’t bother with the complete lack of security. There are also major issues with most of the state run exchanges as well.