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Boehner to Obama: Up yours Pal!

Good day all. A bit of a bombshell broke yesterday when Speaker of the House, John “Crybaby” Boehner seem to grow a bit of a spine and invite Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to address a joint session of Congress.

Iranian nuclear site goes boom

Good day all. A story out of Iran reports that they’ve had a little “Oopsy!” at their nuclear facility near Tehran. It doesn’t appear that any radioactive material was released, but the incident was fatal.

A new and environmentally friendly way to BBQ poultry

Good day all. I have just discovered a new way to cook poultry that is totally green and only uses the power of the sun. Even better, the cooked bird is incredibly fresh when it is BBQ’d.

Obama orders airstrike against ISIS

Good day all. I haven’t said much regarding the nightmare going on in Iraq. A large terrorist organization, so radical even Al Qaeda allegedly stays away from them, is currently overrunning Iraq.

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