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Nazism on the rise in Europe again

There is no other explanation, in my opinion. How else could you explain how thousands of protestors are demonstrating in favor of Hamas, who’s stated goal is the extermination of all Jews?

Doctors threatened with arrest for speaking out

Greetings all. As you know, tens of thousands of illegal aliens have been swamping the Border Patrol and the Obama Regime has been shipping these people all over the United States. (Instead of back where they came from.

Oh Joy, another Storm of the Century

Good day all. Yes, another storm approaches the headquarters of Anger Central. As you might expect, it’s being called a “Potentially historic” storm, possibly the “Storm of the Century!” What it will be is yet another snow storm.

Meet the new Nazi’s of the Ivy League

Good day all. Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get back to our normal ranting and raving. Today, I’m going to scream at the newest members of the Nazi Party, American Ivy League Academics. You would think these tenured, over-educated Moonbats would know better, but you would be wrong.