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The Democrat Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance, to the party, that ships jobs out of America, and promises to stop fracking, so we can spend another 20 years in unnecessary and useless wars in the Middle East, and to the oligarchy, currently being born, one nation, under Bezos, Buffet, and Billzebub, with Zuckerberg suppressing free speech and thought, for […]

Trump’s birthday gift to Felonia, A new supreme court Justice

Good day all. Yesterday, October26th, was Felonia von Pantsuit’s, (aka Hillary Clinton), birthday. President Trump gave her a gift for the ages. A new shiny associate justice to the Supreme Court, Amy Barrett.

Morale has collapsed in the Military. Hot pockets are unavailable

Good day all. Keeping our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in good spirits is one of the most important jobs leaders have. It ranks up their with ammunition and spare parts.

The Goya “Buycott”

Good day all. Last week, the president of Goya Foods, Bob Unanue, announced his support for President Trump. Right on cue, the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis started screaming BOYCOTT!! The idea was that Mr. Unanue would back down, publicly apologize and announce that he was becoming a woke, subservient member of the Democrat party.