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L.A. becoming more dangerous by the day, thanks to their D.A.

Good day all. Los Angeles used to be a nice place to live, but things have been going down hill for a long time. Incompetent mayors and city legislators, (the City Council and the Board of Supervisors), and now the new District Attorney, George Gascón.

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How is this possible? Covid cases dropping in Texas after Grand Reopening

Good day all. The Fake President has been demanding that states that have been reopening and ending the Face Diaper mandates reverse course and lock down again. The basic answer from these states, (Almost all of them “Red” states), has been simple.

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Fake President shows how concerned he is about the Border Crises

Good day all. It took less then 2 months for the Fake President to take President Trumps successful border security measures, measures that was reducing the number of criminal aliens crossing the border, and turn it into a full blown disaster. To show just what he thinks about this, Dementia Joe has assigned Vice President Blow Job Harris to look into the mess.

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Illegal Aliens getting Taxpayer funded Biden Bucks

Good day all. The maladministration of the Fake President, Dementia Joe, has turned our southern border into a disaster area. Now, to add insult to injury, the Democratic CommuNazis have decided that American Citizens and Lawful resident aliens should reward the criminals crossing the border.

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