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The Riots of 2020, Seattle edition: We have the following Demands

Good day all. About a week ago, terrorists overran a police precinct in Seattle and announced that they were a separate nation. This group of socialist ninja wannabes named their new nation CHAZ. (Or is it CHOP? No one is sure) Recently, they listed their “Demands” for their idea of a Utopian society.

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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Trump temporarily stops immigration

Good day all. If President Trump wanted to cause the majority of Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis to stroke out, the Executive Order he’s planning on signing is a great way to do it. President Trump has temporarily stopped all immigration into the United States.

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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Drug Cartels can’t ship product, raising prices

Good day all. Many businesses have been suffering from the lock down, and sadly, thanks to the panic, some will never reopen. However, there is also another group of “Businesses” that are having severe issues. The drug cartels are having supply issues.

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Courts hammer another nail into Sanctuary Cities coffins

Good day all. Ever since President Trump took office and started working to remove the illegal aliens in this country, we have had Progressive Democratic CommuNazi run cities proclaiming themselves as “Sanctuary Cities” and actively working to prevent ICE from deporting the Illegal Aliens.

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