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Courts hammer another nail into Sanctuary Cities coffins

Good day all. Ever since President Trump took office and started working to remove the illegal aliens in this country, we have had Progressive Democratic CommuNazi run cities proclaiming themselves as “Sanctuary Cities” and actively working to prevent ICE from deporting the Illegal Aliens.

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Talk about getting it really wrong on Trump and Brexit

Good day all. This story has been making the rounds the last few days and generating much mirth and amusement. The story was written in June 2016 and announced that Donald Trump wouldn’t be elected and that Brexit would never happen.

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ICE going after New York City

Good day all. New York City has a mayor who is a communist, and like all communists, thinks that he is the smartest man in the world, New York, both city and state also protect criminal illegal aliens, to the point or releasing illegals no matter what crime they committed. This has led to rapes, […]

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About those overcrowded ICE Detention centers…

Good day all. As you may recall, last summer Alexandria Occasional-Cortex went to the southern border of the United States and made an utter fool of herself. (Big surprise) One of the things that the Progressives have been claiming is that the detention centers are overcrowded.

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