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AOC’s Marxist “Death” Squad wants to close prisons, end policing

Good day all. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex never ceases to amaze and amuse people with her incredible ignorance, cluelessness and stupidity. She and the other members of her “squad” have shown America that their idea of America’s future is to make sure there isn’t one.

Dementia Joe prefers illegal aliens to American citizens

Good day all. One of the reasons President Trump was elected in 2016 was his promise to deal with the issues of illegal aliens and illegal immigration. He has been trying to keep that promise, however, he has run into problems with Obama judges, the Deep State and the globalists in the Uniparty.

Massachusetts judge one step closer to prison

Good day all. You may recall the story about a Massachusetts judge who aided in the escape from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who came in to arrest and deport him. ICE eventually caught the criminal. As for the judge, Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, she was arrested.

The Riots of 2020, Seattle edition: We have the following Demands

Good day all. About a week ago, terrorists overran a police precinct in Seattle and announced that they were a separate nation. This group of socialist ninja wannabes named their new nation CHAZ. (Or is it CHOP? No one is sure) Recently, they listed their “Demands” for their idea of a Utopian society.