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Biden now moving to actively protect Taliban terrorists

Good day all. For his entire political career, Joe Biden has been consistently on the wrong side of every single important domestic and foreign policy decision. Since his installation as the Fake President by the Deep State, he has continued batting 1000 in being wrong about everything.

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Biden to Obama, “Help me Barack. I’ve really f**ked things up this time!”

Good day all. The Worst president in the history of the United States, Joe “Bumbles Dementia” Biden has been, or at least his handlers have been, watching his poll numbers collapse as people realize that yes, he really is that stupid. Now, Dementia Joe is calling on the second worst president in history to bail him out.

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Democratic Communazis contempt for Americans increases

Good day all. The Progressive Liberal Democratic Communazi Party, formally known as the Democrat party, continues to show their utter contempt for American citizens and Legal Resident Aliens. The fiscal disaster that is their $3.5 Trillion dollar spending bill includes many gifts for their preferred criminal class, Illegal Aliens.

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DHS’s answer to illegal aliens? Let them go

Good day all. Recently, the maladministration decided to declare war on the Border Patrol after a picture came out showing one of the agents chasing an illegal alien on horseback. The Usual Suspects announced that the Border patrol was whipping the “Poor, innocent migrants.” It quickly came out that the picture just showed one of the reigns flapping in the wind.

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