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What the Hell Hyatt Hotels? Did you O.D. on Crack?

Good day all. As I was working on the post regarding the Greatest President in the 21st Century, Donald J. Trump’s address to CPAC, I saw something about the Hyatt Hotel suddenly denouncing the convention for having hate speech and Nazi symbols.

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Senile Pedophile moves to protect other pedophiles

Good day all. It’s no secret that the Fake President has a problem keeping his hands off adolescent girls as well as adult women. He used to have the nickname, “Groping Joe” and there are reports of flat out assaults against women. Now this senile idiot has undone an order that the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump put into place that dealt with pedophiles.

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Place your bets! Who’s gone first? Cuomo or Newsom?

Good day all. Things are looking pretty bleak for two of the Democratic CommuNazis biggest players. We have Govno Gruesome Gavin Newsom of Kalifornistan who is probably going to be recalled and Govno Andrew Flaming Cuomo of New York who might be criminally charged.

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Kalifornistan Teacher’s Union chief thug caught in the act

Good day all. The teachers union in Kalifornistan is one of the public sector unions that basically controls the state. They have decided that they don’t really want to go back to work, but demand that they continue to be paid. The head of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers has been one of those pushing this garbage.

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