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Hillary Clinton is practicing for her presidency

Good day all. I found this picture of Hillary apparently practicing her salute when she assumes the presidency.

Remember Alan Grayson? He’s at it again!

Florida’s answer to the question, “How low can you go?” is in the news again. The foul-mouthed moron, Representative Alan Grayson has once again started vomiting sewage when questioned about his hypocritical activities.

Alcee Hastings thinks he should have a raise

Good day all. It seems that the Democrats have sent out one of their number to demand a pay raise. The member in question? Former federal judge and current representative from Florida, Alcee Hastings.

UN Scientists say time is running out on Global Warming!

Good day all. Did you know that United Nations scientists have said that time is running out and soon it will be to late to correct Global Warming? Yes, it’s true. If we don’t cede all power to the UN, the Earth will blow up and we will all die!

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