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Paula Priesse ACA navigator Part 1

Greetings one and all. I have good news! Our favorite moonbat is back in action! Yes, Paula Priesse is rested, toned and now working as a navigator assisting people in getting screwed over by the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

Facts? Don’t bother me with facts part umpteen hundred

This video started going viral the other day. It consists of an argument between Don Lemon and radio host Don Ferguson regarding the differences between semi-automatic rifles and fully automatic rifles.

And the dumbest criminals of the week are…

Marcus Kalani Watson and Rogussia Eddie Allen Danielson! Let’s hear it for these to disgraces to the gene pool! These two criminal masterminds, now residing in a comfortable jail are just the sort of criminals law enforcement desires. Dumb and dumber.

Spammers keep trying and keep failing

Good day all, this is the Angry Systems Administrator. This will be brief. In the last week, we have seen a massive increase in attempts to spam our comments system. Nice try morons. I won’t say our spam suppression system is bullet proof, but it is bullet resistant.