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Obamacare tax forms wrong, as expected

Good day all. Tax season has arrived and Americans are now beating their heads against the wall trying to figure out just how much of their money they will be allowed to keep.

Joe Biden, Serial pervert

Good day all. We all know that Vice President Joseph Biden is a moron and not fit to hold office. He was a disgrace as a United States Senator and a complete disaster as Vice President. People wondered why Obama selected him and kept him on the ticket in 2012.

Democrats panicked over Obamacare taxes

Good day all. It seems that the Progressive chickens are roosting all over Obamacare. It’s now beginning to sink in to their thick heads that millions of their constituents are going to get hit with massive taxes, all thanks to the bill “They had to pass to know what was in it.

Marie Harf, Utter moron

Good day all. Marie Harf is the deputy spokesperson, (What used to be known as “Spokeman”) for the State Department. She has not been known for having any common sense whatsoever. Granted she is speaking for the Administration, however, you would think she would know when to shut up and say nothing.

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