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My Heartbleeds for Obamacare

Good day all. I’m not certain if you have been following the new about the Heartbleed security hole in OpenSSL or not. Suffice to say it’s a major issue. Every web site that uses it is in the process of patching their systems and getting new security certificates.

Harry Greed refers to Bundy supporters as Domestic Terrorists

Dingy Harry Greed, (aka Senator Harry Reid), has never been one to keep his foot out of his mouth. The only one worse then Dingy Harry is the Gaffemaster himself, Joe Biden.

Sebelius thinking about running for U.S. Senate

Oh PLEASE, Please make it true! The Kansas Democrat party is asking soon to be former Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius to run against the current senator, Pat Roberts.

I’m an Engineer, not an administrator

Good day all. Angry Systems Administrator here. I was perusing this crazy internet thing and I found a video that describes me perfectly. You see, while I refer to myself as the “Angry Systems Administrator,” I’m actually a Systems/Network Engineer.