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Nancy Pelosi on civilization

Dear San Francisco. Do you really want to be represented by someone who is utterly nuts? OK, I know this IS San Francisco, but surely you have some standards? You really need to look into replacing Nancy Pelosi with someone who hasn’t lost all grasp of reality.

Obama dare not call it WAR!

Good day all. As you probably know, Obama is about to embark on yet another unauthorized war. We can expect him to utterly screw it up, just as he’s screwed up everything else he’s laid his slimy fingers on.

DOJ, “Whoops! Never mind”

Good day all, with Obama’s Declaring war on ISIS, or maybe not, this little gem may have slipped under the radar. It seems that the Department of Justice sort of accidentally confirmed that they are colluding with the House Democrats to block the investigation into the Internal Revenue Service.

Harry Reid is ANGRY! GOP shrugs and throws him a shovel

Good day all. You may recall that I mentioned how the Democrats were trying to repeal the First Amendment in a post on the latest in the IRS scandal.