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EPA Director Gina McCarthy is delusional

Good day all. We have about 25 inches of snow on the ground here at the Anger Central offices, and it’s still snowing out. Unlike New York City, New England did get hit with Snowmageddon. Which brings me to the subject of this post. Gina McCarthy and her obvious mental illness.

Review: The Interview

Good day all. This is the Angry Systems Administrator. the Seth Rogen movie, The Interview, was released today on Netflix. Since it’s snowing out and I’m stuck in the Data Center, I logged in to watch it.

Well, there does appear to be a point of agreement in Congress

Good day all. Last night was the State of the Union address given by the Golf Pro in Chief, Barack Obama. I didn’t watch it, and from what I’ve been reading, it went about as most people expected. Obama demanding more taxes, making threats of veto’s for things that people want and more importantly, a complete disregard for the world as it is.

Once again, Obama supports radical Islam

Good day all. The subject line is rather nasty, and by rights should be in the tin foil hat section. However, I don’t know what else to make of Obama’s refusal to go to the French rally held Sunday against radical Islam. (As if there’s any other kind)

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