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Islamic Terror in Sydney Australia

Good day all. There has been an incident in Sydney, Australia overnight. A man, identified as Man Haron Monis, originally from Iran, walked into a cafe and took the customers and employees hostage. The standoff is now over with Monis and possibly two hostages dead.

Egypt stealing plans for Aircraft Carrier?

Good day all, this came out either late Friday or early yesterday. A naval engineer has been arrested for trying to sell the plans to the new Ford Class carriers to Egyptian intelligence.

What’s up with the price of oil?

Good day all. As you have probably noticed, the price of gasoline has dropped in many places below $3.00 a gallon for the first time in years. This is due to the price of crude oil dropping way below $100 per barrel.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Fired

Good day all. News has just broken that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been fired over policy differences with President Barack “Junior Varsity” Obama.

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