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Islam and Science

Good day all. We’re always hearing from moonbats about how backwards and ignorant Christians are when it comes to science. They like to point at those who believe in Creationism as an example.

Marie Harf, Utter moron

Good day all. Marie Harf is the deputy spokesperson, (What used to be known as “Spokeman”) for the State Department. She has not been known for having any common sense whatsoever. Granted she is speaking for the Administration, however, you would think she would know when to shut up and say nothing.

About those Crusades…

Good day all. Recently, you have been hearing from apologists, (Like Obama), who have been equating ISIS and other Islamic groups, and what they have been doing with the Christian Crusades.

Bergdahl trade OK’d by DOJ

Good day all. With all the scandals and corruption coming out of the Obama regime, almost hourly, sometimes things are missed. In this case, it was how the Department of (In) Justice gave the go ahead to trade five terrorists, in violation of the law, for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

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