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Fake President backing Iran and Islamic Terrorists

Good day all. One of the things the Greatest President in the 21st Century, Donald Trump, did was land on Iran like an old building. He reversed the disastrous policies of the SCoaMF, Barack Obama, and took out the leader of the Iranian terrorist group, Quds. Now that Dementia has managed to steal the election […]

UN claims Trump’s pardons violate international law

Good day all. Years ago there was a Private Military Contractor called Blackwater. Some of their people got involved in a bit of nastiness in Iraq and the Obama Regime, as usual, backed the enemy and not the Americans. This led to the conviction of several Blackwater employees.

Happy Frakking New Year 2021

The new year has started. Many people are saying/hoping it won’t be as bad as 2020. My? I fully expect it not only to be as bad, but probably far worse. We had the Great Panicdemic of 2020 which allowed the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis to both destroy the greatest economic turnaround we have seen […]

Comrade Bernie is demanding commies be included

Good day all. The Stolen Election of 2020 is still not settled, let alone certified, and Dementia Joe is already being told who he will put into the cabinet. To date, it looks like he wants a repeat of the corrupt Obama regime. This isn’t satisfying Comrade Bernie. He’s demanding that “Progressives” be included.