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American escapes from Kabul denied entry into the United States

Good day all. There are many stories out there, mostly being suppressed by the Communazi Propaganda Corps, about Americans who have managed to escape from Afghanistan. The State Department has been throwing all sorts of roadblocks to keep people from making it home. Now we can add the Department of Homeland (in)Security to the list.

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Taliban is now looking for a Washington Lobbyist

Good day all. I don’t know why this should surprise me. It seems the Taliban is looking to hire a lobbyist to seem like a legitimate government, and get all the spare parts they might need for the equipment President Dementia handed to them.

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Al Qaeda will hit the United States again, Thanks to Biden

Good day all. Now that the maladministration of Joe “Bumbles Dementia” Biden has handed the Taliban not only absolute victory, but also almost $90 billion dollars worth of military equipment, serious people are of the belief that it’s only a matter of time before we are hit again by Al Qaeda.

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There may be a lot more Americans trapped in Afghanistan

Good day all. When Dementia Joe bugged out of Afghanistan, his maladministration’s claimed that there were less then 100 American citizens still in country, and that they wanted to be there. We know that the second claim, that they wanted to remain, is patently false. Now we have a member of Congress saying that at least 200 Americans were abandoned.

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