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ISIS claims responsibility for botched Texas attack

Good day all. As you know, a couple of Jihadi wannabe’s decided to drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Garland, Texas to voice their displeasure with the “Draw Mohammad” art show being held there.

George W. Bush finally lets fly on Der Fubar

Good day all. As you know, Barack Obama loves to blame all the problems he’s caused on former president George W. Bush. Even now, with Bush being out of office for 6+ years now and Obama is still blaming him for his own incompetence.

State Department stops rescue of Americans

Good day all, A about a month or so ago, the highly touted Obama foreign policy success story, Yemen, fell to Iranian backed Islamic rebels. This, of course, is pretty standard stuff for King Putt. What isn’t standard was the abandoning of American Citizens in Yemen due to the State Department deciding it was to dangerous to get them.

Ed Milibrand, supporter of Radical Islam

Good day all. The title of this post probably has most of you scratching your heads. “Ed Who?” you are asking? Those of you from Great Britain will know who he is of course. Ed Milibrand is the leader of the Labour Party in England and wants to be Prime Minister.

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