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Iranian nuclear site goes boom

Good day all. A story out of Iran reports that they’ve had a little “Oopsy!” at their nuclear facility near Tehran. It doesn’t appear that any radioactive material was released, but the incident was fatal.

Next under Obama’s bus? James Clapper!

Good day all. Last night King Putt granted 60 Minutes an Audience with The One. When asked how he could have gotten the threat from ISIS so utterly, totally and completely wrong, Der Fubar did what he does so well.

ISIS coming to America…or not

Good day all. As I wrote Friday, the Australians rounded up a number of Islamic Militants that were getting their orders from ISIS/ISIL. There has been a great deal of concern that Isalmic terrorists are also now in the United States.

Australia stops Islamic terrorists

Good day all. A little good news from the land of Kangaroos and Shrimp on the Barbies. (That’s Australia to those of you in the State Department) They manages to stop an ISIS sponsored plan to decapitate people and commit other terrorist acts in the name of Allah. (Aloha Snackbar)