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Meriam Ibrahim safe in Rome

Good afternoon one and all. It’s time for some good news for a change. You may recall that Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother married to a naturalized American, had been convicted in a Sudanese court of not being a Muslim. Those barbarians sentenced her to be flogged and then hanged.

Nazism on the rise in Europe again

There is no other explanation, in my opinion. How else could you explain how thousands of protestors are demonstrating in favor of Hamas, who’s stated goal is the extermination of all Jews?

Feds to send Agents in riot gear to Murrieta

Good day all. If you have been following the fiasco that is the Obama immigration system, then you probably saw on the news how protestors in Murrieta, California forced the Department of Homeland Security to turn several busloads of illegal aliens around and not dump them in their city.

Obama golfs as the world burns

Good day all. As I write this, ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, is blowing through the Iraqi military and is in the process of taking Iraq’s largest oil refinery.