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American Taxpayers funding Netanyahu opponent?

Good day all. As you should remember, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently addressed Congress at the invitation of Crybaby Boehner. This royally pissed off Il Douche, who already hated Netanyahu and Israel.

Obama now raiding the treasury

Good day all. This story came out last week, but went under the radar. Considering the crime wave called the Obama Administration, this isn’t surprising. Apparently, Obama spent funds that weren’t lawfully appropriated by Congress and the Treasury Department, when asked, refused to answer Congresses questions.

How about some taxation without representation?

Good day all. One of the slogans that led to the American Revolution was the cry of “No Taxation Without Representation!” This came about due to Parliament levying new taxes on the American colonies without bothering to talk to them about it.

32K Email from Lois Lerner found

Good day all. As you may know, the IRS said they had lost Lois Lerner’s email. Congress, along with many others, Including myself, had some serious problems with the excuses that the head of the IRS made on why they couldn’t find them. It boiled down to “The dog ate the email.”

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