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Doctors threatened with arrest for speaking out

Greetings all. As you know, tens of thousands of illegal aliens have been swamping the Border Patrol and the Obama Regime has been shipping these people all over the United States. (Instead of back where they came from.

IT Trade groups don’t believe IRS email’s lost

Good day all. I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post, “99 words for Boobs.” Well it’s a new week and time for some old scandals, only they aren’t that old. As you know, the Internal Revenue Service claims that seven hard drives containing all the emails that Congress is looking for were lost when the drives crashed.

Supreme Court Smackdown, Round II

Good day all. Yesterday was an interesting day for Supreme Court decisions. They literally smacked Obama upside the head, ruling 9-0 that he had far exceeded his authority when he appointed new members to the National Labor Relations Board.

Scandal of the day: Immigration!

If the day ends in a “Y” then there must be another scandal to talk about. Yes there is, and this one is, as expected, another Obama caused major disaster with major violations of the law. This one is regarding the, well there’s no other way to put it, invasion of the United States by hordes of criminal aliens.