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32K Email from Lois Lerner found

Good day all. As you may know, the IRS said they had lost Lois Lerner’s email. Congress, along with many others, Including myself, had some serious problems with the excuses that the head of the IRS made on why they couldn’t find them. It boiled down to “The dog ate the email.”

Rudy Giuliani states that Obama doesn’t love America

And in other news, Water is wet and the Sun is bright. Last week, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani let fly at Obama, stating that he doesn’t believe Der Fubar loves America. Needless to say this set the barking moonbats into full flight.

Democrats panicked over Obamacare taxes

Good day all. It seems that the Progressive chickens are roosting all over Obamacare. It’s now beginning to sink in to their thick heads that millions of their constituents are going to get hit with massive taxes, all thanks to the bill “They had to pass to know what was in it.

Bergdahl trade OK’d by DOJ

Good day all. With all the scandals and corruption coming out of the Obama regime, almost hourly, sometimes things are missed. In this case, it was how the Department of (In) Justice gave the go ahead to trade five terrorists, in violation of the law, for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

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