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More good news from Obamacare

Good day all. You may recall how millions of people were kicked out of their health insurance plans last year. This was right after Barack Obola flat out lied to them that they would be able to keep their insurance.

Paula Priesse, Obamacare navigator meets The Truth Wizard

Good day all. Our favorite moonbat, Paula Priesse has finally discovered the cause for all her computer and teddy bear problems since starting her job as an Obamacare navigator. Paula has been transported to the land of Oz, and as you might expect, wants to go home. The Truth Wizard gives her the magic words and…well see for yourselves.

Next under Obama’s bus? James Clapper!

Good day all. Last night King Putt granted 60 Minutes an Audience with The One. When asked how he could have gotten the threat from ISIS so utterly, totally and completely wrong, Der Fubar did what he does so well.

Eric Holder’s next job?

Why, that might be as a justice of the United States Supreme Court. Alright, not that you have washed off your monitor, replaced your keyboard and taken whatever medications you prefer to prevent future bouts of projectile vomiting, this might not be as far fetched as you would think.