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Seattle moonbats launch naval assault on Shell Oil

Good day all. I heard about this bit of idiocy from the fine pages of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler last week. I’ve been busy so I haven’t had time to comment…until now. It seems that a pack of hypocritical moonbats, (But I repeat myself), have decided to blockade an oil drilling platform owned by Shell Oil.

Harvard University a racist collage?

Good day all. In the department of “Why am I not surprised?”, a group of Asian descended Americans are taking Harvard University to court, accusing them of discrimination.

Gloria Steinem to lead invasion of North Korea

Good day all. Gloria Steinem, the prototypical barking moonbat, has announced that she is going to lead a march of feminists into North Korea.

Remember Alan Grayson? He’s at it again!

Florida’s answer to the question, “How low can you go?” is in the news again. The foul-mouthed moron, Representative Alan Grayson has once again started vomiting sewage when questioned about his hypocritical activities.

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