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Jonathon Gruber fired by Vermont

Good day all. This story came out before the Tyrant Obama demonstrated that he doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution last night. It seems that Jonathon “Schickel” Gruber has been terminated from his contract with the state of Vermont.

Grubergate in Two Minutes

Good day all. As you probably know, unless you read the New York Times or watch any of the network news stations, Jonathon Gruber was one of the architects of both Obamacare and it’s precursor in Massachusetts, Romneycare.

Jonathon Gruber hates elderly people

Someone really should explain the Rule of Holes to Professor Jonathon Gruber. When you find yourself in one, STOP DIGGING!

White lies, Damn lies, and the Media

Good day all. In the continuing saga of the corrupt and tyrannical way that the PLFD’s shoved Obamacare down our throats, people have been asking why the Main Stream media didn’t cover what was actually going to be the results.