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Vermont’s plan for single payer healthcare FAILS

Good day all. While I was berating the Angry Systems Administrator for breaking the RSS feeds again, I saw this story pop up. It looks like the Socialist People’s Republic of Vermont has thrown in the towel on its plan to institute a single payer healthcare system.

Senate fails to pass Cromnibus

Good evening all. I just saw a story that the Senate has passed a 5 day spending bill and has sent it to King Putt for his signature. It seems they ran out of time to pass Boehner’s Cromnibus spending bill that would giver Il Douche pretty much everything he wants.

Boehner screws America again

Good day all. Once again, Speaker of the House John “Crybaby” Boehner has screwed the American people. Last night, in a real squeaker of a vote, he was able to get his $1.1 trillion dollar “Cromnibus” (Short for Crony Omnibus) Spending bill through the House.

Greenpeace destroys Nazca drawings

Good day all. One of our favorite Moonbat organizations, Greenpeace, has once again covered itself in glory. They have put graffiti all over the ancient Peruvian Nazca line drawings, and have managed to damage one of them.

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