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Global Warming believers use far more energy then nonbelievers

Good day all. With the massive amounts of news, mostly dealing with the invasion of the United States by illegal aliens, I thought I would mention a little fact that flew under the radar. It seems that the acolytes of the Church of Global Warming Climate Change use far more electricity then those who aren’t worried about the climate.

Joke about Obama, DOJ will investigate you

Good day all. This story has its start during the 4th of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska. Dale Remmich created a float that pictured the Obama Presidential Library as an outhouse. The results of this were predictable of course. He was promptly accused of racism and hate crimes by the PLFD’s. On top of this, the Holder Department of Injustice has decided that this is worthy of an investigation.

The liberal response to the Hobby Lobby decision

Good day all. I’ve been reading some of the responses from the Feminazi’s, Progressives and Liberals over the narrow Hobby Lobby decision. The responses generally show that they haven’t read the decision and also that they expect someone else to pick up the tab for their birth control.

Liberals furious at teaching the Constitution

That title does stand out, and it isn’t my usual hyperbole. In this case South Carolina has ordered some schools to teach the history of the constitution, the bill of rights and what it all means. Since liberals consider the Constitution to be a meaningless, obsolete document, they are angry at the requirement.