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Idiot learning new trade in North Korean prison

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a blithering idiot named Matthew Miller who decided it would be fun to demand Asylum from North Korea. The North Koreans were not amused, and sentenced this dim bulb to 6 years at hard labor.

Lois Lerner Doubles Down

Good day all. It seems that Lois Lerner decided to give an interview to Politico regarding the IRS scandal and as you might expect, she’s both unapologetic for abusing the constitutional rights of conservative groups, and complaining ab out how she’s being treated.

Global Warming, the Musical!

In the annals of mindbogglingly stupid ways to waste taxpayer money, producing a play nicknamed Climate Change: The Musical has to rank right up there. And, as you would expect, it was an utter disaster.

ISIS coming to America…or not

Good day all. As I wrote Friday, the Australians rounded up a number of Islamic Militants that were getting their orders from ISIS/ISIL. There has been a great deal of concern that Isalmic terrorists are also now in the United States.