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Ed Milibrand, supporter of Radical Islam

Good day all. The title of this post probably has most of you scratching your heads. “Ed Who?” you are asking? Those of you from Great Britain will know who he is of course. Ed Milibrand is the leader of the Labour Party in England and wants to be Prime Minister.

Calling someone a thug is now racist

Good day all. As you are aware, the Urban Vermin have been looting, pillaging and burning Baltimore the last few days. People who have either watched this happening in other parts of the country, or have been in the area and directly affected, have referred to these scum as “Thugs.”

The Baltimore Riots

Good day all. I haven’t commented about the riots in Baltimore due to time pressures. There’s a lot going on for me in the real world and things have been moving so fast down there that I haven’t been able to write about it much.

Colorado’s Campus Carry: 12 years and no bloodbaths

Good day all. I wasn’t aware of this, but it’s been legal for people to carry firearms on Colorado’s collage campuses for 12 years. They need to have a carry permit, (and we can discuss that later), and there are exceptions.

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