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California Nazi’s move to ban judges who support the Boy Scouts

What is it with the California Nazi’s….I mean Democrats? Why is it that California so hates anyone that supports traditional America? The latest bit of totalitarian stupidity? The Progressive Liberal Democrats want to ban judges from any affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America.

Harry Greed refers to Bundy supporters as Domestic Terrorists

Dingy Harry Greed, (aka Senator Harry Reid), has never been one to keep his foot out of his mouth. The only one worse then Dingy Harry is the Gaffemaster himself, Joe Biden.

SEIU fighting to unionize Media Matters

Yes, you read the headline correctly. The Service Employees International Union, (SEIU), is trying to unionize that scion of hardcore left-wing progressive commentary, Media Matters. Media Matters is having none of it and is throwing roadblocks in front of the SEIU.

Bloomies to blow $50 million fighting NRA

Former New York City mayor and all around totalitarian, Michael Bloomberg has announced that he is going to spend $50 million dollars this election cycle to oppose the NRA. What can we say? Bloomberg is the gift that keeps on giving.