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Obama is ANGRY that Congress invited Netanyahu to speak

Good day all. The other day, Crybaby Boehner announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been invited to address a joint session of Congress. Prime Minister Netanyau accepted. This caused a major explosion in the Oval Office

DeWayne Wickham and the First Amendment

Good day all. Here’s a question for you. Who is Dwayne Wickham and why should we be concerned about his views on the First Amendment? Dwayne Wickham is the Dean of Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication, and as such, should be militantly defending the First Amendment against any form of censorship.

Well, there does appear to be a point of agreement in Congress

Good day all. Last night was the State of the Union address given by the Golf Pro in Chief, Barack Obama. I didn’t watch it, and from what I’ve been reading, it went about as most people expected. Obama demanding more taxes, making threats of veto’s for things that people want and more importantly, a complete disregard for the world as it is.

Democrats Double down on Socialism

Good day all. The Democrats, refusing to accept that the people of the United States have rejected their policies, have decided that the way to fix things is to demand more taxes and seizure of producers hard earned money. And in other headlines, Water is wet, Snow is cold and the sun rises in the east.

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