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Federal government says we should become vegans

Good day all. Last week the Feds, wasting another ton of money, released a study that says we should all eat nothing but plants.

Chris Hayes, Delusional Moonbat

Good day all. Until I saw the article about him, I had never heard of Chris Hayes. Of course, I don’t watch MSNBC so there is no reason I would have heard of him. Recently, he talked to Carson Daly, (Someone else I never heard of), and made the statement that Global Warming is the single most important issue ever!

Joe Biden, Serial pervert

Good day all. We all know that Vice President Joseph Biden is a moron and not fit to hold office. He was a disgrace as a United States Senator and a complete disaster as Vice President. People wondered why Obama selected him and kept him on the ticket in 2012.

Rudy Giuliani states that Obama doesn’t love America

And in other news, Water is wet and the Sun is bright. Last week, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani let fly at Obama, stating that he doesn’t believe Der Fubar loves America. Needless to say this set the barking moonbats into full flight.

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