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Democrat Representative defends prison riot

Good day all. Recently there was a riot at the St. Louis city jail. The inmates trashed the place and set fires, basically did what criminals do when no one can be bothered to shoot a few of them. That is another issue. The problem here is that a sitting member of Congress supported what […]

Democrats now working to kill tens of millions of jobs

Good day all. Kalifornistan, at the unions behest, passed a law which killed the gig economy in the state. Hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found themselves out of a job or their income seriously curtailed. Most people consider AB 5 to be a disaster for the working people.

Judge slaps down Los Angeles District Attorney

Good day all. Recently Los Angeles elected a new District Attorney, one George Gascón. He assumed office in December and has managed to enrage his staff, the police, and the victims of crime. The reason for this is that he is another of George Soro’s followers who refuses to actually obey or enforce the laws.

Dementia Joe wants MSM to mail him their questions

Good day all. Oh what a difference there is between the Trump White house and the Fake President’s White House. When President Trump held his first press conference, he took whatever questions were asked and answered them.