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National School Boards Association, “We’re sorry we called you terrorists”

Good day all. Last week, United States Attorney General Merrick “Heinrich Himmler” Garland was raked over the coals by the Senate oversight committee regarding his sending out the FBI to suppress parents who are not happy with their school boards.

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Kalifornistan Progressives: “Joe Biden? Who is that?”

Good day all. You know that you are a complete failure as President of the United States when your own party starts running away from you. This is currently beginning to happen in Southern Kalifornistan.

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The Senile Pedophile doesn’t consider children to be people

Good day all. If this is a day an “A” in it, then Joe “Bumbles Dementia” Biden has said something that makes people want to cringe and get their children as far from him as possible. This time, Dementia Joe said he preferred children to people.

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Oops! Dementia Joe does it again

Good day all. Once again, President Bumbles Dementia slipped off his leash, opened his mouth and inserted both feet. In this case, it was in regards to the Congressional select committee on the January 6th protests. The committee, which is about as concerned about the truth as Joe Isuzu, has started issuing subpoenas to anyone who supported President Trump. Most of these people are telling the committee to commit an impossible sexual act upon themselves.

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