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AOC, “About that 1st Amendment thing? Forget about it!”

Good day all. Since the Great Election Theft of 2020, the Socialist Media companies have been moving to suppress any discussion that they do not approve of. Various media companies other then the Mostly Stupid Media, (Newsmax for instance), have been doing some actual reporting on the apparent election fraud. Well, as expected, this has […]

Washington (Com)Post mourns dead ISIS leader

Good day all. Since President Trump was sworn in, the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, hasn’t been doing to well. To put it bluntly, President Trump authorized the Military what President Obama wouldn’t. Hunt them down and wipe them out Yesterday, President Trump announced that the founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been taken out […]

White House Propagandists annual whine & dinner

Good day all. Last week was the annual White House Correspondents dinner. Traditionally, it’s been used as an event where both presidents and journalfools can make fun of each other and try and get some laughs. This year, President Trump decided not to attend and told his staffers not to bother going either.

First the Washington Compost, now CNN

Good day all, about a month or so ago, some high school kids were verbally assaulted because a few of them were wearing MAGA hats. One young man, Nick Sandmann, had several screaming moonbats right in his face. His reaction? The smirk that launched a thousand memes.