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Obama will “Reevaluate” options on Middle East

Good day all. Obama’s temper tantrum over Israel reelecting Benjamin Netanyahu continues. Now he is saying that the U.S. will “Evaluate” it’s options in the Middle East.

Is Obama anti-Semitic?

Good day all. Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu pulled out a big win and essentially secured his position as Prime Minister of Israel for the foreseeable future. This has sent Barack Obama off the deep end.

ATF tries, fails to ban popular ammunition

Good day all. A few weeks ago, news broke that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive planned to ban a popular type of ammunition known as the “Green tip.”

Netanyahu wins reelection. Obama not happy

Good evening all. In an apparently very tight race, it looks like Israeli Prime minister will win reelection and form a new government. Now Israel operates under the parliamentarian system, so there will be some wheeling and dealing over the next few days. But, baring unforeseen circumstances, “Bibi” will once gain be tormenting that SCoaMF, Barack Obama.

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