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FCC Seizes control of the Internet

Good day all. Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission voted to seize control of the Internet. They are doing this by declaring that the Internet is actually a utility and will be regulating it using a law passed in the 1930’s.

Bergdahl trade OK’d by DOJ

Good day all. With all the scandals and corruption coming out of the Obama regime, almost hourly, sometimes things are missed. In this case, it was how the Department of (In) Justice gave the go ahead to trade five terrorists, in violation of the law, for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Obama’s Amnesty on hold

Good morning all. A federal judge has issued a temporary order stopping Obama’s plan to grant illegal aliens a back door amnesty and legal status.

Der Fubar does it again

Good day all. Well, our fearful leader, Barack Obama, has once again put his foot so far into his mouth, he needs to drop his pants to tie his shoe. This time, in his defense of radical Islam, he managed to equate what ISIS and the other Islamic barbarians are doing with the Crusades of 1000 years ago.

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