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Obama’s “Shovel Ready” jobs really are of full of manure

Good day all, Do you remember back when Obama first took office? One of the first things the Democrats did was push through a $1 trillion dollar “Stimulus” bill that stimulated only the national debt.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Fired

Good day all. News has just broken that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been fired over policy differences with President Barack “Junior Varsity” Obama.

I, Emperor Barack the 1st Do Hereby Decree…

Good day all. I’ve been rather quiet of late regarding the immigration mess we’re in now, thanks to King Putt. Now, with Obama preparing to wave his hands and declare millions of criminal aliens may now stay in the United States and collect welfare, I think it’s time for me to put in my two cents.

Stick the fork in Landrieu’s done

Good day all. Since the Republicans won a massive landslide in this years midterm elections, there were two Senate races that were undetermined. The first one, in Alaska, has ended with the current Senator, Begich, throwing in the towel earlier this week. This leaves the Louisiana senate race still to be decided.

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