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Obama: “I don’t have a strategy”

Good day all. Yesterday, during a press conference, Barack Obama announced that he didn’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS.

By the way, We probably do have Lois Lerner’s email

Good day all. It seems that the IRS was not exactly accurate when they said that Lois Lerner’s email, along with other users email, had been lost. Thanks to Judicial Watch’s court actions, The Department of Justice is saying the email might still exist.

Hillary Clinton turns on Obama

Good day all. It looks like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to distance herself from the many failures of Barack Obama, is now saying that everything that’s gone wrong overseas is Obama’s fault.

Obama orders airstrike against ISIS

Good day all. I haven’t said much regarding the nightmare going on in Iraq. A large terrorist organization, so radical even Al Qaeda allegedly stays away from them, is currently overrunning Iraq.