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George W. Bush finally lets fly on Der Fubar

Good day all. As you know, Barack Obama loves to blame all the problems he’s caused on former president George W. Bush. Even now, with Bush being out of office for 6+ years now and Obama is still blaming him for his own incompetence.

Russian hackers break into Obama’s Email

Good day all. With all the other news that came out, this one may be slipping beneath the waves. It has been reported that Soviet Sponsored Russian Hackers have broken into the White House email system and stolen some of Obama’s messages.

Obama’s clown car diplomacy

Good day all. Andrew Klavan has come out with another video in his series on “The Revolting Truth.” This one discuses Obama’s diplomatic record.

About that Iran nuclear deal?

Good day all. As you should know, Obama and Kerry have been crowing about “Peace for our time” regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Unfortunately, it seems that someone forgot to tell the Iranians about it.

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