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Next under Obama’s bus? James Clapper!

Good day all. Last night King Putt granted 60 Minutes an Audience with The One. When asked how he could have gotten the threat from ISIS so utterly, totally and completely wrong, Der Fubar did what he does so well.

Next under Obama’s bus? James Clapper!

President Latte “Salutes” the Marines

Good day all. We all know that King Putt has basically retired from office. He only does things he isn’t interested in when the world clubs him in the back of the head with a 2×4 and he can’t duck his responsibilities.

The Progressive agenda of the EPA

Good day all. In a series of emails that have no become public, the EPA has been shown not trying to protect the environment, but pushing the “Progressive” agenda down Americans throats.

Obama dare not call it WAR!

Good day all. As you probably know, Obama is about to embark on yet another unauthorized war. We can expect him to utterly screw it up, just as he’s screwed up everything else he’s laid his slimy fingers on.