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John Lewis, alleged civil rights activist, congresscritter, dead

Good day all. Last night, (Friday July 17th), Representative John Lewis croaked. As you may have ascertained from my opening sentence, I was not a fan of this person.

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Emmett Sullivan refuses to obey dismissal order

Good day all. The Flynn Affair continues with America’s version of Maximilien Robespierre, one Emmett Sullivan, continuing his witch hunt against General Michael Flynn.

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Trump activates the “Bomb the Hague Act” against the ICC

Good day all. The International Criminal Court, the ICC, came into being as the Globalist Eurtotrash’s answer to what should replace the Nuremberg war crimes court that tried all the Nazis after World War Two.

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The Riots of 2020: Need to burn something? Call these lawyers

Good day all. The rioting, looting and arson of the last week has brought out a wide range of morons, including a few who literally know better. By this I mean a pair of lawyers who were caught with Molotov cocktails in in hand.

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