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Union demands kill jobs in California

What is it with unions in high unemployment states? Can’t they get it through their thick skulls that no businesses means no jobs and no chance for a union to bludgeon it’s way into the worker’s paychecks?

Democrats are ANGRY in Pennsylvania

Good day all. With everything that has been going on of late, I haven’t been able to tell you why Democrats in Pennsylvania are so angry.

Federal judge all but nukes the DOJ

Good day all. With the announcement that Eric Holder is resigning as Attorney General of the United States, there have been many people blasting how he has so politicized the Justice Department, that no one trusts them any longer.

Paula Priesse, Obamacare Navigator part 7

Good day all. In this time of Ebola, we have Paula Priesse, Obama rumpswab and Obamacare navigator dealing with the Obamacare Truth Wizard.