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In memory of our money

Good day all. I should have posted this yesterday since that was Tax Day in the United States. However, I was a bit preoccupied with trying to keep Obama’s grubby hands out of my wallet as much as possible.

Harry Reid supports Rape?

Good day all. What with all the news coming out of Nevada this weekend, this little gem slipped under the radar. It seems that Dingy Harry Reid doesn’t seem to want to help rape victims get any justice.

California docs say No Thanks to Obamacare

California was one of the biggest boosters of the disaster known as the Affordable Care Act. They were so happy to support it that Obama used California’s exchange system as proof that it was working. There was just a few problems with that.

Congressman thinks they are underpaid

Good day all. It seems that some members of congress think they aren’t paid enough for the work they do. Yes, they think that making $174,000.00 is not enough for them. This doesn’t include little things like transportation benefits, healthcare benefits, vesting in a retirement pension after 5 years as well as many other perks that regular people and businesses have to pay for themselves.