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IRS: Give us a bigger budget or the refunds get it!

Good day all. The IRS commissioner John Koskinen has announced that due to budget cuts, the Internal Revenue Service might not be able to get people’s tax refunds out on time.

When Obama Met Queen Elizabeth

Good day all. I found this amusing anecdote regarding a meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama. It also involved Prime Minister Cameron, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. It revolves around a simple question.

Russian economy now heading down the drain

As we all know, oil prices have collapsed from their highs over the last few months. One of the nations really affected by this is Russia. The oil and gas resources they have are difficult and expensive to get out of the ground and transport to customers.

Jeb Bush running for president

Excuse my while I barf. Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida has announced that he is “Actively exploring” a presidential run in 2016. This is political speak for “Oh Hell YES I’m running!”

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