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Obamacare and new babies…No insurance for you!

Good day all. Have you just had a new baby? Congratulations! Now try getting your new son or daughter onto your health insurance plan.

Meet the new AG, just like the old AG

Good day all. In case you’ve been living under a rock in a cave with no lights on, then you may not be aware that the most corrupt Attorney General in American history, Eric Holder, has resigned his post. The person they selected to replace him is Loretta Lynch.

House of Cards, Season three

Good day all. Netflix has released the third season of House of Cards. I have pizza, I have beer the couch is prepared and I have a bucket for “other needs.”

FCC Seizes control of the Internet

Good day all. Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission voted to seize control of the Internet. They are doing this by declaring that the Internet is actually a utility and will be regulating it using a law passed in the 1930’s.

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