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The SS Biden is slowly sinking. Now underwater in Massachusetts

Good day all. President* Joe Bumbles Dementia Biden has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst President in the last 150 years. He’s passed Obama as the worst president. He is rapidly closing in on James Buchanan, who’s actions helped bring about the Civil War. Still, he does have some support, mostly along the east and left coasts.

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Trump vs Biden in an honest election. Trump wins!

Good day all. Since President* Joe “Bumbles Dementia” Biden was installed into the Oval Office, we have watched his maladministration careen from one disaster to another. His election in 2020 is looking more and more like it was fraudulent, and his poll numbers have cratered.

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MSM unable to cover up how much people don’t like Biden and Harris

Good day all. Since Dementia Joe was appointed President of the United States by the Ruling Elite of the Deep State, (How’s that for a conspiracy theory?), people have watched how President Dementia and Vice President Blow Job have taken all that was good and completely trashed it.

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