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Now that the Biden Recession has arrived, Biden redefines recession

Good day all. Well it isn’t all that god a day now, is it? It looks like we are officially in an economic recession, caused by the policies and incompetence of President* Joseph Bumbles Dementia Biden and his maladministration. Rather than face facts and undo the damage, Bumbles and company are changing the definition of an economic recession.

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Republicans now investigating Biden selling SPR oil to China

Good day all. As we now know, Dementia Joe Biden sold oil from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the People’s Republic of China instead of directly to American energy companies. He also sold it at a loss. Now the Republicans in Congress are starting to look into this.

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China getting what it paid for from Biden and the Democrats

Good day all. One of the may stupid things the maladministration of President* Bumbles Dementia Biden has done regard the Strategic Oil Reserves. Since his war on on energy independence and cheap energy began, gas prices have been skyrocketing. This has not made Americans happy at all, and the crater that is Biden’s poll numbers reflect this.

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Dementia Joe wants to put the Stupid back into the 9th Circuit Court

Good day all. One of the things the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump did for America, was put true Constitutionalists on the bench, including the Supreme Court.

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