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Good Riddance to Bad Trash, Alcee Hastings finally croaks

Good day all. San Fran Nan received some bad news last night Representative, (and Impeached Judge), Alcee Hastings, (D-FL), has finally kicked the bucket. Why is San Fran Nan unhappy? Because another of her corrupt minions will now have to be replaced.

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Fake Mexican doesn’t like the Constitution

Good day all. Texas dodges a bullet when it reelected Ted Cruz last November over the fake Mexican Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. While the MSM played up how close the race was, as the election results showed, it wasn’t that close at all.

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Buzzfeed blows it again

Good day all. Last week, Buzzfeed posted a story that claimed that President Trump had told his then lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. There was just one small problem. Buzzfeed appears to have made the whole thing up.

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Oops! Occasional-Cortex does it again!

Good day all. Representative Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is, for Republicans, the Gift that keeps on giving. For the Democrats, she is also the gift that keeps on giving, like herpes. Recently, her campaign was fined for labor violations.

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