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New Hampshire looking to Secede

Good day all. One of my issues is a tendency not to pay to much attention to the goings on in the home state of Anger Central. We are based in the “Granite State” of New Hampshire. Last night I was perusing a forum and someone mentioned that New Hampshire was looking to secede from the United States.

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White House tells Americans in Afghanistan, You’re on your own

Good day all, this story is a bit old, but, as I’ve said before, so much is going on it’s hard to keep up. Since the Fall of Kabul and the Biden Bug Out, Americans have been calling the State Department for help in escaping the evil clutches of the Taliban. Instead, dozens of Americans and Green Card holders have been saved by private groups working with members of Congress.

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FBI Threw an insurrection and no one showed up

Good day all. Saturday, September 18th, there was a protest scheduled in Washington regarding all the political prisoners being held in jail due to the January 6th 2021 protests. The Communazi Propaganda Corps dutifully reported that tens of thousands of people were going to show up and that local and federal law enforcement was going to be ready for them. San Fran Nan had the fence put back up in preparation for the masses of Deplorables who were ready to storm the capital.

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Mandatory vaccinations for Americans. Illegal Aliens get a pass

Good day all. Last week, President Bumbles Dementia went full tyrant and tore up the Constitution of the United States. He has ordered, something he promised not to do, that everyone will be vaccinated or else.

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