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And the winner of the 9th Democratic Debate is….

Good day all. Since the political circus known as the Democrat Presidential Nomination Process started last summer, there have been 11 debates between the various totalitarian Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis.

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Judge Amy Berman Jackson refuses to recuse herself

Good day all. The fallout from the Roger Stone trial continues. Since his conviction, it came to light that at least one juror was so biased against him that she should have been removed from the jury. Then we have the actions of the judge, Amy Jackson.

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Kalifornistan continues sliding into totalitarianism

Good day all. The People’s Democratic Republic of Kalifornistan is about to decree that voting is mandatory for all the serfs, slaves and peons. Little things like freedom to choose to vote or not to vote will be ended, for your own good of course.

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Coronavirus and the global Panic..demic

Good day all. I’m sitting here watching the Stock market crater because of people panicking over the Coronavirus, aka the Kung Flu. (Yes, a bad joke there. Work with me here)

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