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Global Warming solution, build wooden skyscrapers

Good day all. I’ve been sitting on this story for a while. I simply couldn’t get my head around the utter stupidity that came out from the Obama Regime. Granted, when it comes to utterly stupid ideas, Obama and the Church of Global Warming have pretty much cornered the market.

Navy SEALS take oil tanker

Good day all. A news story this morning regarding the Navy SEALS boarding a Libyan tanker and taking control from a group of armed men.


Another day and another veto threat from King Putt. His threat this time is a bill that tells him he has to actually obey the law and the constitution. Shocking isn’t it, a president being forced to obey the laws and Constitution of the United States. Well, considering who is currently infesting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with his presence, not really. (That would be President Barack Hussein Obama for you no information voters out there)

Poll shows nobody loves Obama anymore

Good day all, I was reading Hot Air this morning and Ed Morrissey posted a story on Obama’s tanking poll numbers. The one’s Capt. Ed is referring to today was a poll done by NBC and the Wall Street Journal. The numbers aren’t good for Il Douche. In fact, they’re pretty bad.