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So, tell me again why Boehner is Speaker?

Good day all. I’ve had this in the wings for a while. As you know, if you haven’t been living in North Korea, the Obama Regime has been conducting itself in a totally lawless matter. There have been calls to impeach Der Fubar, but Boehner has taken that off the table.

Border patrol hit with large caliber covering fire

Good day all. I saw this story this morning when surfing the news. The Border Patrol along the Mexican border in Texas were fired on from across the Rio Grande by what appears to be .50BMG rounds.

Eric Holder blames his problems on racism

Our United State Attorney General, Eric Holder has a few problems. He is the first AG to be held in contempt of congress and is regarded as the most corrupt AG in generations. He is being hammered on all sides for his refusal to investigate the IRS, Benghazi and a whole host of scandals rocking the Obama regime.