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Election 2014: The aftermath

Good day all, and it is a good day. Yesterday the American People went to the polls and blew the Democrats out of office. The Republican Party will take control of the Senate in January, 2015, and the reign of error of Harry Reid will be over.

Wealthy congressman’s kids on welfare

Good day all. As the title says, the ex-wife and children of one of the wealthiest members of the House of Representatives is now on welfare. And who is this sleazy, greedy, good for nothing bum of a father?

This is who Obama wants to give Amnesty to

Good day all. As you know, Our fearless golf pro, King Putt wants to grant amnesty to millions of criminal aliens now in the United States. This is on top of throwing open the borders to every Juan, Jose and Achmed who can’t be bothered with going through the lawful immigration process.

Federal govt. still opposed to quarantines

These stories tie in to the post I made earlier regarding a nurse who objected to being put into quarantine on her return from West Africa. As we know, President Obola won’t impose a travel ban to and from those areas in Africa where Ebola is rampaging out of control.