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Is Obama anti-Semitic?

Good day all. Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu pulled out a big win and essentially secured his position as Prime Minister of Israel for the foreseeable future. This has sent Barack Obama off the deep end.

Mitch “The Coward of the Country” McConnell preemptively surrenders to Obama

Good day all. Last week, the Coward McConnell announced that he will do whatever the PLFD’s want in order to avoid shutting down the country.

American Taxpayers funding Netanyahu opponent?

Good day all. As you should remember, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently addressed Congress at the invitation of Crybaby Boehner. This royally pissed off Il Douche, who already hated Netanyahu and Israel.

Obama once again learns about a scandal from the news

Good day all. As you should know, former Secretary of State and probable Democrat nominee for the office of President in 2016, decided not to use the government email system as mandated by law.

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