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Venezuela almost right…for once

Good day all. This story slipped past everyone, what with Barack Obola doubling down on his incompetence. It seems that Venezuela is blaming the United States government for the collapse of oil prices.

John McCain gets his Ebola Czar

Good day all. A few days ago I wrote about how Senator John McCain (Rino-AZ), wanted Obama to appoint an “Ebola Czar.” Well, Senator Aisle Crosser had gotten his wish. King Putt took a few minutes from his busy golf schedule and appointed one.

Nope, not going to have a travel ban

Good day all. Yesterday we found out that another Dallas nurse had come down with Ebola. She has since been moved to the CDC in Atlanta for treatment. I know that we all hope that she has a full and speedy recovery. One of the issues is that the nurse got on a plane and flew from Dallas to Ohio and back while she had a fever.

Ebola 2, Obama nothing

Good day all. News came out this morning that a second healthcare worker in Dallas has tested positive for the Ebola virus. This person is now in isolation and being treated. This is the second person to contract Ebola from the late Thomas Duncan.