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Subway employee takes gun from criminal, gets suspended

Good day all. A few days ago, an armed criminal came into a Subway sandwich shop and tried to rob the place. A Subway employee managed to get the gun away from the criminal, possibly saving lives, and is now apparently being punished for her good deed.

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Reuters approves of terrorism, Supports Antifa

Good day all. With the Fall of Kabul and the Epic Biden Fail in withdrawing, a number of interesting stories have slipped under the radar and down the media memory hole.

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President Dementia pulls nomination of Nazi he wanted to head BATF

Good day all. There has been a lot of news coming out, what with the Maladministration of President Bumbles Dementia going full totalitarian and ordering everyone to get vaccinated. Now he, or the people pulling his strings, have figured out that the thug they wanted to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wasn’t going to get confirmed, and they pulled his nomination.

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CDC restarting discredited anti 2nd Amendment program

Good day all. Back in the 90’s, the Centers for Disease Control was wasting millions of dollars on “Research” on gun violence. The goal, unstated, was to render the 2nd Amendment a dead letter and confiscate all firearms in private hands. This funding was ended in 1996 when the CDC was flat out told to stop by Congress.

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