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Gun sales increasing in anti-Second Amendment states

Good day all. The collapse of American Society started in the Democrat controlled “Blue States.” The Ruling Progressive Democrat Elites flat out ignored and continue to ignore the Constitution of the United States, and in a few cases, their own state constitutions. We have been seeing the results of this. Increased crime in Democrat controlled cities, and people fleeing the states for the Republican “Red” states.

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BATFE Agents demanding to see your guns? Call the local police

Good day all. With the assault by FBI agents on President Trump’s home, and the seizure of a member of congress’s phone, people are thinking that bad times are coming. We have also seen reports of BATFE agents going to gun buyer’s homes and demanding to see the guns.

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Surprising no one, criminals released on no bail not showing up in court

Good day all. Thanks to both the Soros D.A’s. And the policies of the Blue State legislatures, crime in states like Kalifornistan and New York is out of control. One of the issues is when a criminal is arrested for a major crime, they are being released on their own recognizance with the anticipation that they will show up in court.

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Sales of semiautomatic rifles soar

Good day all. As you are no doubt aware, the Progressive Liberal Democratic Communazis at the federal and state level are desperately trying to get around the recent Bruen decision. They have been passing any number of laws that flagrantly violate the decision and the Constitution. The problem is, it doesn’t appear that these morons have been looking at the recent sales figures.

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