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Gun grabbers “R” Us have a new bill, H.R. 127

Good day all. With the installation of the Fake President, the Democratic CommuNazis are wasting little time in setting fire to the Constitution of the United States and stripping Americans of their god and natural rights. One of these is the plan to disarm the citizens, and Sheila Jackson Lee has come up with a […]

Packing the Supreme court? How about the lower courts first?

Good day all. The CommuNazis have been talking about packing the Supreme Court since The Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump, replaced the finally dead communist, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg with the Constitutionalist justice, Amy Coney Barrett.

Tulsi Gabbard sees just what the CommuNazis have in store for America

Good day all. Tulsi Gabbard was a representative from Hawaii until this year. She gave up her seat to run for President on the Democratic ticket. She had even less chance then Comrade Bernie Sanders, since she is neither insane nor a flat out Communist.

Washington D.C. now has more troops then Afghanistan

Good day all. With the inauguration of Dementia Joe just a few days away, security in Washington has gone way over the top. Besides the usual police presence, the panic stricken Deep State Uniparty has ask for and received the deployment of a division of troops into the city.