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Dementia Joe Biden once again announces he will confiscate guns

Dementia Joe Biden, (Hat tip to Howie Carr), has always, like every good Democrat, hated the 2nd Amendment and has supported stripping the Right to Keep and Bear Arms away from the citizens of the United States.

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Antifa is escalating the violence

Good day all. Thanks to the actions, (Or lack there of), of Portland, Oregon’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, The terrorists running wild through the city have cold bloodily executed a Trump Supporter. This comes less then a week after another group of terrorists attempted to murder one Kyle Rittenhouse, who was forced to shoot three terrorists, […]

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Kyle Rittenhouse vs Armed and dangerous criminals

Good day all. A few days ago, there was a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The usual suspects from Antifa and the BLM along with other assorted nuts and communists showed up to engage in their usual idea of fun, Looting, pillaging and assaulting anyone who didn’t support their ideas.

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President of Federal Reserve bank calls for more devastation of the economy

Good day all. It appears that the paranoid hypochondriacs are at it again. This time we have the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, (Assuming it hasn’t been looted and burned to the ground by Antifa and Black Lives, (And no one else’s), matter) saying that we need to shut down the economy […]

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