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Fake President abolishes 2nd Amendment

Good day all. The United States is now in the hands of a genuine tyrant. Dementia Joe has once again broken out Obama’s refurbished Pen & Phone to revoke the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. This afternoon, the Fake President began the process of ending the private ownership of firearms.

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6th Circuit Court rules against BATFE on Bumpstocks

Good day all. Several years ago, some whack job, for reasons still unknown, shot up a large gathering of people from a window in a hotel. This led to the usual “Repeal the 2nd Amendment! Confiscate all guns! Execute Gun Owners now!” screeches from the usual suspects on the left.

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Fake President plans repeal of 2nd Amendment by EO

Good day all. There has been an incident in Colorado where what appears to be a Muslim terrorist shot up a supermarket, killing 10 people. The coward was shot in the leg and surrendered. The terrorist apparently used an AR15 he recently purchased. Right on cue, the CommuNazis are planning on stripping the 2nd Amendment rights from the American people.

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Nevada Democrat Party loses it’s entire staff

Good day all. If there was any doubt in your mind that the modern Democrat Party is becoming a Communist Totalitarian party, then the recent debacle in Nevada should disabuse of any notion that the party can be restored.

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