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Democrats “Rethinking” plan to let IRS spy on Americans

Good day all. A few weeks ago, the Maladministration came up with the absolutely brilliant idea of forcing banks to report on every transaction in their depositors accounts over $600 dollars. The claim was that this would allow them to find out who had more money then they actually reported to the IRS.

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Biden to Obama, “Help me Barack. I’ve really f**ked things up this time!”

Good day all. The Worst president in the history of the United States, Joe “Bumbles Dementia” Biden has been, or at least his handlers have been, watching his poll numbers collapse as people realize that yes, he really is that stupid. Now, Dementia Joe is calling on the second worst president in history to bail him out.

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Under Biden, IRS to spy on everyone’s bank accounts

Good day all. One thing about the Bumbles Dementia maladministration, the bad ideas, diktats and threats come fast and furious. The latest one currently making the rounds is a plan to have your bank send information on every transaction you make over $600 from your bank account.

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Interesting things in Virginia governor’s race

Good day all. Thanks to the northern area of Virginia, where all the progressive who generally work in Washington and feed on Taxpayer dollars, the state has been moving hard to the left. However, the less populated areas flat our reject the progressives ideas of subjugation to the State. This has led to an interesting race to replace the current governor.

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