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Democrats panicked over Obamacare taxes

Good day all. It seems that the Progressive chickens are roosting all over Obamacare. It’s now beginning to sink in to their thick heads that millions of their constituents are going to get hit with massive taxes, all thanks to the bill “They had to pass to know what was in it.

How congress can stop Obama’s regulatory state

Good day all. Since the 2014 election, President Obama has decided he will rule by decree via the regulatory agencies. He has been doing this all along of course, but now he is ramping up his power grabs big time.

Want to know the reason Diane Feinstein is in the Senate?

Good day all. A story came out on how Dianne Feinstein’s husband stands to make a great big pile of cash from a government contract.

Democrats Double down on Socialism

Good day all. The Democrats, refusing to accept that the people of the United States have rejected their policies, have decided that the way to fix things is to demand more taxes and seizure of producers hard earned money. And in other headlines, Water is wet, Snow is cold and the sun rises in the east.

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