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Amazon to France: “Up Yours!”

Good day all. Time for something a little different. In this case, it covers the issue of protectionism and international commerce. If you follow tech news, then you know that the European Union is generally anti-business.

Obama once again shows his contempt for the Constitution

This subject line is almost a standing headline when it comes to King Putt. Recently, Obama made the statement that the problems he is having are the fault of the Founding Fathers and how they set up the structure of the Federal Government.

Democrats want to stop companies saving money

That title is a bit misleading I’m afraid. What is happening is the Progressive Liberal Fascist Democrats want to prevent companies from leaving the United States for countries with lower taxes.

It’s a Free Country

Remember that phrase? “It’s a free country.” That is something people would say when someone wanted to do something or go somewhere. Usually, the person saying “It’s a free country didn’t approve of what the other person was going to do, but wasn’t going to try and stop him.