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What the Heck is this “Replacement Theory” nonsense?

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, some two legged walking piece of debris shot up a supermarket and murdered about a dozen innocent people. One retired police officer moonlighting as a security guard returned fire, however the scumbag was wearing plate armor and the bullet never penetrated. The guard was one of the casualties sadly.

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Once Again, San Fran Nan shows her inner tyrant

Good day all. Nancy Pelosi is on her second tour as Speaker of the House and it’s about to come to an end just like the last time. With a massive blowout in the midterm elections. Pelosi, has a pretty good idea that she’s done come January 2023, so she is trying to destroy as many of her enemies as she can.

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DHS Censor wants to edit your tweets

Good day all. When the news that the Department of Homeland (In)Security had created the Disinformation Governance Board, people saw it for what it was. Government censorship. The selected head of this board, Nina Jankowicz, is turning out to be a real nutcase. (Raving loon would be a better description)

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Will the Biden Maladministration cancel the Midterm elections?

Good day all. I like a good conspiracy theory. I find them, in many cases, amusing and obviously off the wall. However, with the Great Panicdemic of 2020, we saw a number of conspiracy theories suddenly prove to be real. Now I’m going to try and put the theory back into conspiracy theory with this post.

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