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Democrats once again move to end free speech

Good day all. This story came out yesterday during the Friday night document dump so loved by government bureaucracies everywhere. In this case, it is the Federal Election Commission once again trying to suppress free speech on the internet.

Venezuela almost right…for once

Good day all. This story slipped past everyone, what with Barack Obola doubling down on his incompetence. It seems that Venezuela is blaming the United States government for the collapse of oil prices.

Obamacare rates available AFTER the election

Good day all. What with all the Ebola news, this little gem regarding the new Obamacare insurance rates for 2015 has slipped under the radar. Of course, this is just what Der Fubar wants of course.

More good news from Obamacare

Good day all. You may recall how millions of people were kicked out of their health insurance plans last year. This was right after Barack Obola flat out lied to them that they would be able to keep their insurance.