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Mandatory vaccinations for Americans. Illegal Aliens get a pass

Good day all. Last week, President Bumbles Dementia went full tyrant and tore up the Constitution of the United States. He has ordered, something he promised not to do, that everyone will be vaccinated or else.

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Communazis back on the “Pack the Court” kick

Good day all. Recently, a new law went into effect in Texas regarding abortion. To be honest, I haven’t followed it and I don’t know the details. However, there was a case that went to the Supreme Court to stop the law from going into effect. The court rejected it and the law is now in effect in Texas.

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FAA covering up border crises, bans drones from the area

Good day all. The invasion of the United States along the southern is increasing and the Maladministration is now actively covering up just how bad things are down there. Recently, over 9000 illegals were seen clustered under a bridge in Texas. The border patrol is completely overwhelmed The pictures coming out, mostly aerial shots from drones, are showing the American people what is actually going on.

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Dept. of Education looking to force mask mandates as a “Civil Right”

Good day all. Never let it be said that the Progressive will let people think for themselves, or the progressives in Education letting parents have any actual say in the education of their children. The Dementia Joe Education Department has decided that banning mask mandates is a civil right violation.

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