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Tax Day 2015

Good day all, if you can call it that. Today is the final day to file your income tax forms, unless you’ve gotten an extension. I think this picture says it all for everyone.

Unions in fight for survival

Good day all. Union membership is plummeting in the United States. The private sector unions are losing members by the boatload, and can’t even get workers at non-union shops to join them.

Mitch “The Coward of the Country” McConnell preemptively surrenders to Obama

Good day all. Last week, the Coward McConnell announced that he will do whatever the PLFD’s want in order to avoid shutting down the country.

Democrats call for the usual socialist drivel

Thanks to the incompetence and outright cowardice of the RINO contingent in Congress, the Progressive Liberal Fascist Democrats are once again demanding that we become a Marxist, Totalitarian state.

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