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Harvard University a racist collage?

Good day all. In the department of “Why am I not surprised?”, a group of Asian descended Americans are taking Harvard University to court, accusing them of discrimination.

The Baltimore Riots

Good day all. I haven’t commented about the riots in Baltimore due to time pressures. There’s a lot going on for me in the real world and things have been moving so fast down there that I haven’t been able to write about it much.

Unions “Help the working Man/Woman?” HAH!

Good day all. My antipathy towards unions is well known if you read this site. I see them as a continuing criminal enterprise designed to enrich the people at the top of the union and screw over the membership.

Tax Day 2015

Good day all, if you can call it that. Today is the final day to file your income tax forms, unless you’ve gotten an extension. I think this picture says it all for everyone.

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