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France planning to surrender to Global Warming

Good day all. I saw this story over the weekend. The French president, Francois Hollande, said that if we don’t immediately surrender to Global Warming, there will be war!

IRS: The dog ate our email

Good day all. Last Friday, the Internal Revenue Service came out with a doozy of an excuse regarding Lois Lerner’s email. According to the IRS, all her emails prior to 2011 were lost when her computer crashed.

Democrats want to stop companies saving money

That title is a bit misleading I’m afraid. What is happening is the Progressive Liberal Fascist Democrats want to prevent companies from leaving the United States for countries with lower taxes.

IRS tax cheats rewarded with bonuses

Why am I not surprised at this? With the ever increasing scandal going on with the Internal Revenue Service, they just have to double down on the stupid. Rather then start punishing some of the malefactors, preferably by firing them, they instead reward them with bonuses.

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