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George Soros, “Taxes are for other people”

Good day all. Last week an interesting story came out regarding George Soros. For those of you living in a cave, George Soros is a billionaire who believes that the elite, led by himself, should rule the world.

Tax Day 2015

Good day all, if you can call it that. Today is the final day to file your income tax forms, unless you’ve gotten an extension. I think this picture says it all for everyone.

How about some taxation without representation?

Good day all. One of the slogans that led to the American Revolution was the cry of “No Taxation Without Representation!” This came about due to Parliament levying new taxes on the American colonies without bothering to talk to them about it.

Obamacare tax forms wrong, as expected

Good day all. Tax season has arrived and Americans are now beating their heads against the wall trying to figure out just how much of their money they will be allowed to keep.

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