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In memory of our money

Good day all. I should have posted this yesterday since that was Tax Day in the United States. However, I was a bit preoccupied with trying to keep Obama’s grubby hands out of my wallet as much as possible.

Tax Freedom Day? What is that?

Good day all. As April 15th closes in, people are attempting to finish their tax forms and pay their taxes. Thanks to the out of control spending By Obama and the Progressive Liberal Democrats, not to mention a few moronic Republicans, the day that we stop working for the government and start working for ourselves is moving further out.

Liberals raise taxes and people move out

Good day all. In a continuing story, liberal state legislatures have pretty much run their state finances right into the ground, and kept on digging. Instead of fixing the causes of their financial and budget problems, the first and only thought that enters their empty heads is “TAX THE RICH!!”

Obamacare now raiding bank accounts

This little nugget of information came out last week, and was promptly buried by the Obama Steno Pool. It seems the Washington State Exchange decided that raiding the bank accounts of people who signed up, (But necessarily ordered), Obamacare phony health insurance found their bank accounts significantly lighter.