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Janet Yellen is not a fan of Bitcoin

Good day all. Bitcoin has been around for about since about 2008 and has exploded in value over the last few years. For those who may not know, bitcoin is a “Cryptocurrency” that is basically untraceable. This makes it a very popular means of making transactions that you don’t care to make known.

Texas is reopening for business

Good day all. A year ago, most of the states in the Union instituted lock-downs that were supposed to last only 2-3 weeks. This was to “Bend the curve” with regards to infection rates from that horrifically horrible killer disease, Covid-19, aka the Wuhan Flu, the China Virus or the Kung Flu.

CommuNazis DEMAND! That Parler hand over backers names

Good day all. Parler, the Free Speech platform murdered by Big Tech last month has risen from the dead and is growing fast. This has really pissed off the Totalitarians and anti-Free Speech Progressive Liberal CommuNazis.

AOC says Green New Deal would have helped Texas

Good day all. As the old saying goes, if it’s a day ending in a “Y”, then Alexandria Occasio-Smollett must have said something stupid, and as usual, she did. She is now claiming that the Green New Communist Deal would have prevented the power issues now occurring in Texas.