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Kalifornistan Progressives: “Joe Biden? Who is that?”

Good day all. You know that you are a complete failure as President of the United States when your own party starts running away from you. This is currently beginning to happen in Southern Kalifornistan.

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Florida looking into election interference by Facebook

Good day all. The 2020 election showed people many things. One of the things it showed was that the companies collectively known as “Big Tech” were not hesitant to abuse their reach to suppress information that made President Trump look good and Joe Biden look bad.

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Fauci, the movie appears to be bombing at the box office

Good day all. Were you aware that a documentary film was made about Anthony “Faucist” Fauci? No? I wasn’t either and apparently, no one else knew either. This has led to an interesting problem. No one can find out how much money the film made.

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More interesting news on the Maricopa Audit

Good day all. Now that the audit of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona has been completed, the Communazi Propaganda Corps has announced that “Biden won!” and sent the whole thing down the memory hole.

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