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British now understand that you can never trust Biden

Good day all. When Donald Trump became the greatest President of the 21st Century, the Eurotrash were aghast. How could this, in their mind, commoner become President? In Britain, which had just voted to leave the EU, many of the elites turned up their noses at President Trump.

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Biden now moving to actively protect Taliban terrorists

Good day all. For his entire political career, Joe Biden has been consistently on the wrong side of every single important domestic and foreign policy decision. Since his installation as the Fake President by the Deep State, he has continued batting 1000 in being wrong about everything.

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American escapes from Kabul denied entry into the United States

Good day all. There are many stories out there, mostly being suppressed by the Communazi Propaganda Corps, about Americans who have managed to escape from Afghanistan. The State Department has been throwing all sorts of roadblocks to keep people from making it home. Now we can add the Department of Homeland (in)Security to the list.

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How many Americans were abandoned by Biden?

Good day all. The reverberations from the Fall of Kabul, the Biden Bug Out and the abandonment of Americans, Legal resident Aliens and those who helped us continues. Members of Congress, with no help from the maladministration, and in many cases, active obstruction by the State Department, continue trying to rescue everyone they can.

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