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The beer virus and Iran

Good day all. I haven’t done a lot of writing on the COVID-19 Corona virus, or as it’s being called, the Beer virus. (Corona Beer hates this virus by the way and wants the name changed) The reason I haven’t said much is that there isn’t much to say.

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Klobucher slips up and speaks the truth

Good day all. Amy Klobucher is a Democrat Senator from Minnesota. She was also running for the Democratic CommuNazi party nomination for President. That came to an end last week when she was crushed in the polls along with the fake indian, Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren.

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Officials concerned Weinstein might commit Arkancide

Good day all. I recently wrote about former Hollywood mogul and Democratic CommuNazi money man Harvey Weinstein being convicted of sex crimes, and now waiting to be sentenced. Now there is concern that Weinstein may end up like Jeffery (Who didn’t hang himself) Epstein.

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Threats and violence by the unhinged left increasing

Good day all. Ever since Donald Trump began winning primaries in 2016, and looking more and more like he would win the nomination, the progressive liberal thugs have been issuing threats and assaulting Trump’s supporters.

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