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Janet Yellen is not a fan of Bitcoin

Good day all. Bitcoin has been around for about since about 2008 and has exploded in value over the last few years. For those who may not know, bitcoin is a “Cryptocurrency” that is basically untraceable. This makes it a very popular means of making transactions that you don’t care to make known.

New Hampshire Bill against Critical Race Theory

Good Day all. For the last few decades, an idea known as “Critical Race Theory” was developed. Over the last 5-10 years, it has evolved into a tool used by the Progressive Liberal Elite to blame light skinned people for the worlds problems.

HR1, The bill to let Democrats steal elections forever

Good day all. This has been floating around for the last few weeks and I’ve decided to talk about it. This is the bill just passed along party lines in the House of Representatives titles House Resolution 1, the “For the People Act.”

Senile Pedophile moves to protect other pedophiles

Good day all. It’s no secret that the Fake President has a problem keeping his hands off adolescent girls as well as adult women. He used to have the nickname, “Groping Joe” and there are reports of flat out assaults against women. Now this senile idiot has undone an order that the Greatest President of […]