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New York takes the lead from the Fake President, Institutes internal passports

Good day all. I saw this when I was writing up my previous post on the plans by the Fake President to institute Internal Passports. It seems that New York, under the tender ministrations of the murderous Govno, Andrew Flaming Cuomo, has gone and done just that.

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Pelosi has no problem stealing Congressional election

Good day all. If you need any evidence that the Democratic CommuNazis are just fine with outright stealing an election, look no further then the race in Iowa’s 2nd District. The recounts have been ongoing and it’s now certified that the Republican candidate won the election by 6 votes.

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The March 4th insurrection (That didn’t happen)

Good day all. Did you know that there was a massive invasion of Washington D.C. March 4th by Trump supporters? Did you know they intended to put President Trump back in the White House? You didn’t know? That’s due to absolutely nothing happening that day other then the MSM looking like idiots again.

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HR1, The bill to let Democrats steal elections forever

Good day all. This has been floating around for the last few weeks and I’ve decided to talk about it. This is the bill just passed along party lines in the House of Representatives titles House Resolution 1, the “For the People Act.”

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