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Oops! Dementia Joe does it again

Good day all. Once again, President Bumbles Dementia slipped off his leash, opened his mouth and inserted both feet. In this case, it was in regards to the Congressional select committee on the January 6th protests. The committee, which is about as concerned about the truth as Joe Isuzu, has started issuing subpoenas to anyone who supported President Trump. Most of these people are telling the committee to commit an impossible sexual act upon themselves.

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Under Biden, IRS to spy on everyone’s bank accounts

Good day all. One thing about the Bumbles Dementia maladministration, the bad ideas, diktats and threats come fast and furious. The latest one currently making the rounds is a plan to have your bank send information on every transaction you make over $600 from your bank account.

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60 members of Congress demand answers from Heinrich Himmler Garland

Good day all. The anger at the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick “Heinrich Himmler” Garland is growing exponentially. His plan to turn the FBI into his personal Stasi and go after parents who are questioning, loudly, the direction the schools are taking, is blowing up in his face.

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Well, that didn’t take long. Federal workers sue Maladministration

Good day all. The tyrannical actions of the Bumbles Dementia maladministration have angered millions of people and done serious damage to the economic recovery that was getting underway before the Tainted Election. Since his installation into office, the diktats have been growing more onerous. The most recent was the “Mandate” that everyone would be vaccinated or else.

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