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Unions demand shutdown of “Nonessential” non-union businesses

Good day all. Kalifornistan is leading the way when it comes to flat out tyranny and abuse of power, and the mayor of Los Angeles is in a photo finish with Gaven Newsom on who can do the most damage to civil rights. Now we have a new entrant, the Unions.

Comrade Bernie wants to be Secretary of Labor

Good day all. The Great Steal of 2020 hasn’t been completed yet, but the Communists are already salivating at the damage they can do. One of these is Comrade Bernie Sanders. He has announced that he would be happy to accept a post in the Harris Biden Administration.

Some Unions issuing threats if they don’t get their way

Good day all. We’ve been watching how Unions have slowly become irrelevant to working Americans. Not just irrelevant, but an actual threat to their jobs. This is why most private sector unions are slowly dying.

NYPD Union endorses Trump, Democrats enraged

Good day all. Friday the union representing thousands of New York police officers, apparently for the first time in their history, has endorsed a candidate for the office of President of the United States, and it wasn’t Joe Biden, but Donald J. Trump.