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MSNBC Communist finds American flags disturbing

Good day all. Once again MSDNC has managed to insult America and Americans. It seems that one of their “contributors,” (a contributor is someone who can be disposed of if required). Has announced that seeing American flags on trucks disturbed her.

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Memorial Day 2021

Good day all. Today is Memorial Day. This is the day when we remember those who gave all they had in the service of our great nation. Memorial Day was started shortly after the American Civil War.

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Liz Cheney insults the Republican base

Good day all. This story came out last week, (Sunday), but I’m just now getting to it. (So much to write about, so little time to write) TransRepublican Representative Liz Cheney appeared on Chris Wallace’s show last week and doubled down on her hatred of the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump and continued insulting his supporters.

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The 2020 election audits are escalating

Good day all. You’ve all heard about the Arizona audits of the 2020 election in Maricopa county, and how the County officials and the Democrats are fighting the audit tooth and nail. One reason is that a number of discrepancies are showing up that indicate the need for further, detailed inspection. Now things are beginning to happen in Georgia.

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