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Memorial Day 2020

Good day all. Today is Memorial Day. This is the day when we remember those who gave all they had in the service of our great nation. Memorial Day was started shortly after the American Civil War.

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Justin Amashole announces he will not run for President

Good day all. Justin Amash, aka Justin Amashole, is a representative from Michigan. He usied to be a Republican, then President Trump took office and did something unheard of. He worked to keep his promises. One of these was cleaning up the really bad trade deals we have with the People’s Republic of China.

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MSNBC announces that it is opposed to American’s Freedom

Good day all. MSNBC likes to tout itself as a news and comment network for “The common people.” What they actually are is a pack of fake news generating Progressive Totalitarian elitists. Recently, they had one of their contributors announce Americans have an obsession with Freedom.

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General Flynn’s long nightmare is over, Free at last!

Good day all. This story just broke so the 72 hour rule is in effect. The Department of Justice has just moved to drop it’s case against General Michael Flynn.

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