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Trump’s birthday gift to Felonia, A new supreme court Justice

Good day all. Yesterday, October26th, was Felonia von Pantsuit’s, (aka Hillary Clinton), birthday. President Trump gave her a gift for the ages. A new shiny associate justice to the Supreme Court, Amy Barrett.

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Could a part of Maryland actually go Republican?

Good day all. Maryland is stopped up toilet of a state, almost as bad as New York and Kalifornistan. Although the governor is listed as a Republican, he’s a classic Never Trump RINO. He actually considered running against President Trump in the Primary. (Political self preservation won out and he didn’t) However, there is a […]

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Andrew “Flaming” Cuomo for Attorney General?

Good day all. It seems that the Senile Pedophile, Dementia Joe Biden, is considering governor Andrew “Flaming” Cuomo to be his Attorney General if he manages to sleaze his way into the White House.

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Biden says that voters don’t deserve to know his stance on court packing

Good day all. Once again, the senile Pedophile has opened his mouth and place both feet into it. Dementia Joe Biden, once asked about court packing, announced that don’t deserve to know his stance and will find out after election day.

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