Unfair and unequal employment

This SOB had the fucking audacity to call all five women in from his HR department (but did not invite the male in the department) to a meeting where he berated us, told us that we were not a team (keep in mind that five women work together who have never had an argument or complained about each other in a year - amazing), and that I had the audacity to tell him that he was the HR Director when he asked us to pitch a new safety program to the CEO. FUCK HIM, I get paid a lousy wage and am not a manager. He can go to the fucking CFO to do his own damn dirty work. Anyway, he proceeds to yell at us so loud that his damn false teeth fell out (I about lost it it when that happened) and then he told us that we were not allowed to use the bathroom unless we were on a 15 minute break (once in the AM and once in the PM), we were not allowed to leave our desks for ANY reason for the first hour and the last hour of the work day, we could not take breaks or lunch together (yet somehow we were suppose to fit five one-hour lunches into a two-hour time period), and that we are not allowed to talk to the CEO, CFO, COO or legal counsel unless we got permission from him first. He threw cupcakes at us in the beginning of the meeting as well.

Believe you me, the very next day the three of us who have a backbone slapped EEOC charges on him for gender discrimination and then we filed and internal complaint for discrimination. They say he has been told that if he pulls any of this shit again he will be immediately fired. In reality they probably slapped his fat fucking hand. EEOC has not made a determination yet.

He is such a miserable, fat asshole that is overactive and thinks everyone is out to victimize him and the company. He is a fucking HR Director and he had the nerve to try to pull off something like this and think we wouldn't do anything about it.

Guess again you mother fucker. Whatever happens to you, I hope you figure out that the other two girls have their heads up your ass so far that they are probably eating for you and that the three of us would LOVE to meet you in a dark alley and beat the shit out of - but then again we would actually have to touch you and I think I would vomit everywhere if you ever got to close you fat fucking slob. You disgust me and represent EVERY man that I have ever hated. It is about time that I stood up against evil assholes like you. Why don't you go dig a hole big enough for your fat fucking ass to fit into and bury yourself letting the worms and bugs eat you to death? You deserve nothing more you piece of shit. Die, mother fucker, die.

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