I am angry because this little fat Italian woman gets paid a lot more than the rest of us and what does she do? She sits on her fat ass all day doing nothing and has no people skills whatsoever. I am submitting this rant because she spoke down to me today and spoke to me as if I was an idiot. I stood up for what I believed in and tried to give her my thoughts but because she is level above me, she had to be the RIGHT one all the time. Well, listen, I, along with my co-workers, have a life too outside work but we have to change our working life to accommodate the business! But because this woman has to pick up her daughter, she had to leave work early so us lowly workers have to leave as well "for security reasons". Why can't she just say to the rest of us it's because "we don't trust you people"? Surely, what do they think we'd do? Run amok inside the office, vandalizing and looting the equipment?? I think not. Oh, this woman also thinks she is above us because she lives near the city and not out in the suburbs and she has a millionaire for a father who bought her an expensive brand new car. Who do you think you are, Tina??

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