Matrix Marketing

My beef is with the whole company. I went to interview for this company under the impression that I would be a marketing executive. I went in to interview, and it went very well. So well that by the time I got home there was a message on my voice mail stating that they wanted me to return the next day for another interview...that's when the shit hit the fan. Long story short...I was gypped. The job was a door-to-door sales job with no base pay, just strictly commission. I'm sorry but my time is important to me and if I have to knock on doors peddling worthless bullshit, it's gonna cost you.

Advertisers 2

I'm pissed mainly because the commercials show women falling for guys who would make them normally puke, but they wear a "Colonge" which turns them into horny sexually deprived humans. Try the same shit in the bars and you damn well know what happens...

Braces Bread Advertisement 3

I am thoroughly angry with those responsible for the TV Braces Bread advert where a family are happily enjoying themselves on the beach, but, when the young boy returns from bathing his mother and father have a dug a hole in the sand and covered it with his towel, so that he falls in. This can be dangerous and could damage the boy's spine. I cannot imagine any parents being this vicious, so why do Braces Bread present parents like this? The sooner they take this advert off the better!

craigslist 4

Great idea, but too many idiots are out there abusing it! I look in the jobs section for part-time work, and half the ads are spam. I posted a strictly platonic personal ad and got a bunch of nasty replies. And forget about rants and raves -- it's just a bunch of racist, sexist, classist people who desperately need professional help verbally abusing each other and thinking it's OK because it's anonymous.

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