Maytag poor products and Services

Maytag Model #MMV4205 This model was bought less then three months before the heating element burnedout. Maytag would not exchange. Told us they would send a repair person to fix. 5 days later rerpair man comes and says he cannot fix it since he did not have the parts. An order is placed to order the parts. A week later one part shows up broken. When the Maytag repair man shows up he says that parts is no good and that the two other parts were backordered and would not ship for a month. We call there response number and request to get this resolved quickly and do not want to wait another month to get the microwave fixed. The person (jeff) at customer service tells us that he can not do anything but put an expedite in for the parts. We inform him that the repairman had already tried to put an expedite on the part and that he was tiold that because this is a new model that they cannot get us a part till then. The customer service person tells us he does not believe this and says that an expedite will be put in and that we have to wait for the part. This is the worst service I have dealt with. We spent over $400 on a microwave that is supposed to be the top of the line and instead the problems make us feel as if this was the worst decision to buy this model. Customer service (Jeff) was informed this complaint would be put in and he dergards are frustration does not help us. All we want is to have a working microwave. A replacement model would have sufficed which they could do immediately but instead they make us wait and go without a microwave for who knows how much longer.

Hhgregg 2

Oh boy. This company shut down, and is now coming back. I hated this store when it existed. Salespeople would hassle everybody to buy the most expensive things, and would never leave anybody alone. They would sell warranties that they wouldn't follow. They never had anything in stock, so going there was useless. Good riddance. People were shocked that this store closed down, but how could they not be? The store wasn't that famous.

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