Charity and so-called Non Profit organizations

gripe my ass! All that happens when you donate to charities and do business with "non profit organizations" is make the rich richer. It's a damn gimmick that has made many a loser rich as hell with their crybaby whining lies that so many are spreading. People wise up! Charity begins and should stay at home-your own damn home!

Non-Profit Organizations 2

You know, I have worked in Corporate America for about 12 years and left it for the non-profit world. Well, I've been in this field for about four years, three of them with the present organization I'm with now. I am SO tired of the ridiculous people who work here! They're a bunch of touchy feely, entitled, self-absorbed, scatter brained idiots! Even the NEW folks who've only been here a couple of weeks are obnoxious. Oh, in my diatribe I forgot to mention that my co-workers are needy and can't even use a fax machine, even though the directions are directly in front of them! I have the unfortunate task of being the receptionist here and they come to me for EVERYTHING! I am SO going back into Corporate (I had an interview with a great company on Friday and it went VERY well) where there's structure and no phony "We're all here to help" crap!

Donations 3

What is with donations lately? Not only am I too nice in sending them a piece of my hard-earned money (granted, they're for worthy causes) but they're selling my name to other organizations and now my mailbox is stuffed with this-n-that group asking me for money. And to top this all off, I'm getting pledge requests for more money in the form of a monthly bill. A monthly bill! From now on, I'm telling these people I'm donating my money to the gas tank.

Charities 4

I refuse to give to any charities anymore. I make $32,000 a year and used to donate a thousand or two every year to charities that solicited me through the mail. The I found out how much the people who work for these clip joints make! The head of the local united way makes 400,000$. The head of MADD makes almost half a million bucks a year. The head of the local Alzheimer's group makes $300,000 a year. I must have been a f***** idiot to give these groups money. Guess what? If that is what these people make, I (ME) am the charity and they should be giving money to me!!! I'm shopping with coupons and spedning vacations at home when my money is buying these people luxurious lifestyles??? NEVER AGAIN!!!

wasting money 5

i am fed up listening to charities complain that times are tough so give more's to the fundraisers sending nickels and dimes through the U.S mail.stop doing's not nice playing on peoples guilt.i have bought a lot of stamps because of you morons and recycled the paper.and the people that don't take the coins out of the envelope,it goes to stop claiming you're donations are are throwing money away.

Childfund 6

Childfund makes me angry. Its particular reason for making me so angry came from their recent infomercials where that gray-haired old guy talks about these impoverished children "waiting for a sponsor..." Huh? He even "quoted" these children as saying, "Did you bring me a sponsor?" Say what?! "Will you be my sponsor?" Why is he making these children sound like they know very well about receiving a potential sponsor? Almost as though they expect it! They didn't try and won't try anything on their own to get out of poverty. They'll just stand around there like lazy ungrateful bums and wait for someone to give them a nice handout. Epic Fail! Now, if a poor child acted surprised about receiving a sponsor, like they never heard of such thing, THEN I could assume that it will be something they'll appreciate. I remember finding a quote online which read "You need to stop doing things for someone, when you find out it's expected rather than appreciated." Yeah, that makes pretty good sense...

Also, regarding charities in general, several people pointed out that the CEOs of various charities make well over a hundred thousand dollars a year, and live luxurious lifestyles, polar opposite of the impoverished people's lives that they advertise. One ranter on here estimated $300,000 to $500,000 that the head of these different charities makes. Wow, if these CEOs were to take that highest digit off, they would have enough money to sponsor over 100 poor children at the same time! Why should I pay 92-something cents a day, $30-something a month for a poor child that they plead for us to help save, if it means putting $100,000 into the pockets of these CEOs as well? They sound like hypocrites! The ranter of "Charities 4" was right, these charities should be giving money to us middle-class people, instead of vice versa! And we lower middle-class are lucky enough to keep the bills paid on time and put food on the table...

I sure wish there was a place for me to give a tithe of my money in our own country to help a poor person down on their luck (one who truly needed and deserved help and support) in a way that I'll know (guaranteed) that every cent of my money went to that person and helped them right then and there. I have yet to find that out...

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