I ordered a jersey as a gift order on the 25/12/05 from the online shop which was subsequently lost on the way. I am an international customer and as you could imagine, contacting MLB has cost me a LOT of money in international phone calls as they do not like to call their customers back. After 1 month of them looking into where the package was and numerous phone calls I was credited with the amount minus the conversion fees and thought,"it could only happen once" and stupidly re-ordered again, and what do you know? The address is now "undeliverable" and on it's way back to the shop.

The second order consisted of a jersey as well as 2 other items that were shipped as 2 seperate packages. Upon contacting them I was responded to with "You will get a credit back", obviously not a good enough response as I obviously wanted to purchase the item as a gift. If I wanted the money back, I wouldn't have purchased it in the first place, was it so hard for them to actually contact the delivery company and find out what the hell was going on since the first package in the second delivery actually arrived? On demanding to speak to a manager called "DANA" and demanding her to contact the delivery company, she just gave me the same story, and would "e-mail" me back with another useless response. As a company, is it not their right to respond to customer enquiries and try to help as much as possible? "DANA" stated that I would have to contact the delivery company myself and try and track it! If they treated all their customers like this, would their company even exist?

I advised her that "I did not want a credit" and that all I wanted was for the item to get to the recipient. "Once the item comes back to the warehouse, you will have to re-order again" was her response. To me, that says that they are basically unprepared to make a commitment to the customer that the item would be delivered and would rather just refund you and sweep you under the rug. "Well once the package comes back to you, can't you just use Express Post next day delivery so the package gets there?", and you can only guess what her response was.

I am disgusted with the level of customer service that was provided as I, myself work in the same field of customer service. This company is an absolute joke, and if anyone purchases anything from their online shop I can advise you to *cross your fingers* and only pray that your item gets there as the customer service representatives are absolutely useless and unwilling to help at all.

Super bitch at Walgreens 2

For the irritating little bitch behind the pharmacy counter, I sincerely hope you end up here to read this. I'm sick and tired of your games. Is it just me ... or do you toy with all the pharmacy patients?

A few months ago I came in to have a prescription filled, and you told me there was no generic for that particular drug. I left, went home and immediately did a google search on that drug - lo and behold there certainly IS a generic version. You had the gall to stand there and argue with me over it, acting as though your precious little degree had mystically imparted to you all the secrets of life. Speaking of which, where *did* you get your degree anyway honey ... a cracker jack box? You dear, are 20 something years old - and you believe that you know more than my psychiatrist who has been running her own show for MORE than 20 years? I think not.

And then of course, the second incident - you questioned the quantity of medications my primary doctor prescribed. I told you to give him a call and confirm it, which you did. And then you acted pissy about it when he told you exactly the same thing that I did.

And now this current game of yours ... HOW DARE YOU TELL MY PSYCHIATRIST A FUCKING FLAT OUT LIE in regard to a recent refill - what, are you jealous that you don't have a prescription for Xanax too? Let me tell you something honey, having panic and anxiety disorders are in no way, shape or form a picnic, especially when I have to deal with ASSHOLES LIKE YOU.

At any rate, thankfully - I have the physical proof to back my own ass up, I saved my old prescription bottles and the paperwork from my insurance company. Next time you play with me you little bitch ... you can kiss your job good-bye. I will not be dealing with your supervisor - I'll be taking my complaint straight to the main office.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Dell 3

I got routed to seven (yes, seven) different departments just to change the payment method for my company's order of two laptop cords and a replacement lamp for our projector. And to boot, half the customer care people I spoke to didn't speak English very well.

being ignored by customer service 4

i buy a propane weed save the environment they the end of the first season it starts leaking oil like a sieve.i contact customer service.oh they say we put too much oil in the bottle we gave you.the next season i put in more oil at a lower amount.after 10 minutes of use it starts smoking and overheats.i check oil.i contact customer service and they completely ignore me.i will never trust this company again.looks like i go back to a 2 stroke.screw these eco always costs me more money and more frustration.

Call Centre Employees 5

I really get angry when I call up call centres and the conversation is as follows:

Me: "Hey, yeah man, look you sold me *insert apporpriate name* and it doesn't have a powercord with it. Can you hook me up with one?"

Call Centre Employee: "I'm sorry ma'am I cannot fix your problem. I can pass you on to 30 other people before you are sent back to me and I get my "supervisor" (who was previously out at lunch at 5.30 at night) to tell you that you have to send your product away for 6 fucking weeks before they figure out all they needed to do was send me a fucking power cord like I said to get the goddamn thing working...."

Fucking hell Call Centre Employees. They make me fucking angry.

*Note from Anger Central
When the Angry Systems Administrator has to call our ISP he never has a problem with them. Why? There's a note for the CS people in his file. It has one line. It says, "Don't argue. He knows more then you do." :)

bitches that work at Suncoast video store 6

I really hate these two cunts that work at Suncoast video store, they are stuck up and one of them is a fat bitch with skanky red hair and the other is an angry bitch who yells at everybody, what is this bitch's problem? She yelled at some kids who stopped in the store today and she tells them "hey don't open that box, now i am going to have to throw it out!" in a real nasty tone. She either needs anger management or better social skills. She gives everybody the "evil eye" in the store, she needs to take some Midol or something, i hope she reads this, if she does this is what i will say to her "hey bitch i don't misplace your precious dvds to piss you off, you need to take a chill pill, you black haired bitch!

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