I am so sick of the rubbish coming from Disney these days!

High School Musical, Cheetah Girls, etc. It's a load of ****! Seriously, the plotlines make no sense and it absolutely is corporate rubbish. Crappy dancing and singing that sounds like a pig squealing. And it all costs millions of money wasted instead of being used on important things or things needed like charities. And Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, UGH! Anyone who has to put on a wig and fake an accent and is only famous because of their dad is not a rockstar. She's bloody country popstar, not a punk/goth rocker! Not to mention those pictures! It's one step closer to porn from a teenager! Walt Disney would be ashamed.

Disney Censoring to fuck! 2

This happened a while ago but I'm still angry about it:

I click a link on YouTube out of curiosity. It brings me to a YT vid of this Tinkerbell eye makeup stuff for girls, and the whole thing was SO wrong on SO many levels!

1. The children! The girl in the commercial is pretty. The message is "hey, wow, here's some makeup, now I'm beautiful! Look at my better eyes! I love this stuff more than my own natural endowememnts!"

This girl was 9 or so.

STOP IT! You wonder why girls have eating disorders? It's Disney's fault for making them feel worse than the cheap crap they smear on their eyelashes and eyes!

2. The comments! I tried to comment on the aforementioned flaws in ethics and dignity and hypocritical killing of our children's esteem, and after I reply, click submit, and sit back with a sigh of relief I see this: "Thanks. Your comment will be submitted for review by the video owner." Ok, WHAT!?!? I scroll down, and the only comments on the motherfucking page are positive!! "Ooh, I love this makeup, so nice and affordable!" "Hey, cool, she's so pretty, where can I get some?" "They sell it at Walmart!". Disney, STOP trying to convince people you are a good thing! The seventeen or so comments here made it look like disney wasn't an evil fucker, yet I'm willing to bet they censored the voice of 90% of the people here. This is lying scum.

Oh yeah, and "Walmart" isn't helping your image here.

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