fed ex

twice I've dealt with these morons. twice I've paid extra to have my merchandise arrive within 72 hours. twice I've been 'guaranteed' that it will arrive on time. twice my merchandise arrived late. 3 days late the first time and 2 the second time. so basically I give these butt-monkeys extra money to deliver my shit whenever they fucking well feel like it. I give these retarded amoeba extra money to play pet detective with my package so that it sounds like a box of fucking seashells and is barely recognizable when it finally does get to me. in short, fed ex can suck a fart out of my asshole. might make them smell better.

FedEx 2

I bought a Wii Fit for my brother. I had the misfortune to get it delivered by FedEx Smart post. So much for "smart." They said they delivered it to my local post office but I still didn't get it. I go to my post office and the post office lady goes out of her way to help me. Thank you, USPS, I will always remember it.

Guess what Fedex did? Nothing! I called them, emailed them...just told me to the store I ordered it from. They didn't even attempt to try to find out what happened. You know what happened? They found out what was in my box and kept it for themselves! They never brought it to the post office. They protect their own stealing, lying, conniving thieves of employees. Go fuck yourselves. I will go out of my way from now on to NOT use FedEx.

*Note from Anger Central
We've had our run ins with FedEx as well. Twice we've been out and had to go to the main office to get our packages because they would NOT leave them.

FedEx 3

I am angry at the stupid shiny fuckers who complain "FedEx didn't leave my package at my door and I had to go all the way to the FedEx station to pick it up my self. Boo Hoo. Sob, sob." Give me a fucking break and give these sorry bastards a Kleenex for JHC's sake! First of all, some shippers will not allow packages over a certain value to be left on doorsteps. Second, not all neighbors are nice and bring your package in from the cold and rain. Some so called "neighbors" will open your package and check out your shit or read your tax documents (and maybe copy your SS # and other shit you really would rather keep private). Finally, if any of the above scenarios took place and your package did not get to you at all or get to you in a pure, virginal untouched unviolated state, you would have had a shit fit. Just let FedEx deliver your package in the way they are paid for, don't blame them if you are not home to get it, and shut the fuck up and be grateful they have the presence of mind not to leave shit that is obviously important enough to have someone pay for FedEx delivery, out in the fucking street where anyone can get it. Oh yeah, if you think FedEx is the only company that does this, try one of the other shit shippers.

FedEx 4

I worked for FedEx during the summer for a few weeks. I left during the fall, but I keep getting their fucking insurance papers mailed to me every fucking month, through some company called Vanguard. I get really pissed receiving all this wasted junk paper, there is so much of it. There is no way to call them and ask to cancel, just an option to make an account online and have it done electronically. I wish I could just stop this. It's junk mail, not helpful and unwanted.

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