Remember the old days of Napster? Now that was a good music program. Now, there's nothing. Nothing except Kazaa, which works, rarely. First, let's talk pop up ads.

This is not the internet, this is a program. There should not be pop-ups that make all kinds of noise every 5 seconds. Half the time you can't figure out where the thing is, so you have to listen to stupid sound effects while you search for the little X button.

Then, there's the whole error thing. How many times have I not been able to open the program because it "cannot locate" this or that. Then, I have to go back to the pop-up riddled website and re-download the whole thing. Which helps, for a while.

Spyware. I downloaded their product, isn't that enough? Must they put all this useless crap on my computer that I can't find or remove? Sure, I have a spyware program thingy, but every time I re-download, it adds it all back on. There's one certain thing, BullGuard anti-virus or something. It pops up EVERY time I turn on my computer asking me to download it. There's no way to stop it!

Why can't someone just offer a simple music download program that makes everyone happy? I've tried them all..BearShare, Limewire, WinMX... Kazaa is the closest thing to Napster, but it's almost not worth it anymore.

*Note from Anger Central
Kazaa has always been adware/spyware. We refuse to use it here and the Angry systems administrator has been known to physically assault people who have installed it on their systems.

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