Knott's Berry Farm

Working at Knott's Berry Farm is only for the strong-minded. It is indeed a thankless job. No signs of gratitude from either the guests or management. Nada.

The brain dead management such as the shit-for-brains Falfas is concerned about the bottom-line. In other words, they have more interest in pleasing the shareholders than the employees. Yes, it is obvious they do not respect nor care about its employees.

They work you so hard to the bone and make you think it's wonderful to work there. The hourly wages here are chickenfeed but they'll still work you to death anyway. I worked here for almost a year and I've received a 25-cent raise (at present, California's minimum wage law is set at $6.75). Oh joy! With my newfound wealth, I'll treat myself to a Happy Meal! And don't get me started on benefits. But if you really must know... their pathetic idea of benefits include: admission tickets I have no practical use for and discounts at their overpriced shops. That's it.

It's worse especially during the typical 90-110 degree summers when they require every employee to be fully available. Hell, it was damn furnace that time and the long hours didn't help much especially if you are working on an outdoor ride. During the summer, they make you work six days a week non-stop. To add insult to injury, the dingbat scheduler named Melissa G. had the nerve to call me in on the only day off I had for the week.

Then, they have these arrogant supervisors and division managers with a superiority complex (Lisa and Ralfi come to mind) that constantly STALK the workers and then simply do not provide much for support. The guests are already a burden so why make it even more difficult for us? For example, I've worked on my ride on a long, exhausting day (almost 9+ hours!) with the guests bitching, moaning, and groaning, and lo and behold, these stalkers come out of blue and call the shift leader and say I'm not working fast enough. Curse them all!

It is no wonder why such a crummy and dumpy theme park like Nazi Berry Farm has high turnover. I've seen good hard workers either quit or terminate. They just let good workers go like that. Still, they also tend to hire some unreliable cunts. And the idiots called management are still wondering why they are always short on employees.

If you're looking for a minimum wage job without the lengthy job application/interview process, this is it. But it's a matter of keeping the job Most people apply, then disappear within 2 months or less.  "Friendliest place in the West." HOGWASH! I gave my two-week notice.

Knotts berry farm 2

I worked at this dump, in the park services department and I got to see first hand how much they want to allow guests to get away with. Basically guests are allowed to vandalize the entire park, and are allowed to trash the bathrooms, but you arent allowed to tell them to stop their actions. On one occasion I had to close down a rather disgusting restroom in camp snoopy, because the women were acting like pigs by tossing toilet seat protectors everywhere, then the pipes leaked on the toilets so constant dripping was mixing with the dirt on peoples shoes and creating mud. Well it got so nasty I had to close the bathroom temporarily so I could clean otherwise these ladies wont let you past them to do your job. So anyway im trying to clean and some bitches begin moving the barriers i have set up, and have the nerve to try to push their way into the restroom even after I put an out of order sign. I had to argue with these bitches who wanted to insist on going pee even when I said NO OUT OF ORDER GO TO ANOTHER RESTROOM! Instead they wanted to stand there and argue as if it was their right to be inside of a bathroom that was out of order due to their disgusting lack of cleanliness. I got pissed off with the job because like alot of other people, I actually did my job, worked hard, yet always felt like it was the lazy losers who were getting special treatment, the shiftleaders would breathe down the necks of the actual hard workers and try to find any reason to write them up on something, only so they could turn around and go have a chat fest with the lazy workers who deserved to be written up for NOT DOING THEIR DAMNED JOBS! Its a ghetto farm, forget the berries!

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