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why is it that movers make you feel like it's YOUR fault if you have too much stuff? hey jerks it's your JOB to move whatever i have, no matter HOW MUCH i have. and by the way...if i wanted an ass raping to the tune of NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS to move me FOUR FUCKING MILES i would have chosen a better way to be raped! and fuck you satellite installers! YOU work for ME! you need to have the right equipment, not expect ME to provide it FOR YOU! suck me you bastards!

American Mighty movers 2

This moving company, first off lied to me regarding my moved. Since I had previous bad moving experiences I was very clear on what I wanted out of a company. I said I did not want any one elses things on the truck, no out sourcing, 50 foot truck (most important) and a 5-8 day turn around. I was promised everything. They arrived One hour late with a 20 foot truck, for a 5 bedroom 3 bath, double car gragage house with back yard. Lie number one, no 50 foot truck came. They had to move me in two days, in which I had to change my whole schedule. I was moving things down stairs and out of the house, as the movers kept taking breaks. I even broke down all 5 beds as they could not. Let me just say I am a women over 40 with fibromialgia and arthist and 4 kids to take care of. If I could move things out the door with kids tagging along and in massive pain, it seems like 4 men could have done more. The movers had a total disregard for my belongs. They refussed to wrap certain items because wrapping was free. Instead they wrap things with tap, because tap cost $4 a roll. I have since thrown items as the tape damaged it. Lie #2 We were promised a 4-7 day turn around from Texas to CA - the truck did not leave Texas for 2 weeks, at which time I with my 4 children slept on the floor. Lie 3 when the truck arrived in CA 1 month + later it was by another company. The drive call to let me know he would be dropping off someone elese items and then coming to me, lie #4. Lie # 5 I was told all furiture would be put together in CA. When I arrived all furniture was placed in the center of each room, nothing put together. As I started to put furniture where it should go and things togehter, every stick of furniture as distroyed, either a chip and a ding or totally distoryed. I made sure that any items that had screws were in bags and taped to the furniture - bags were gone and screws gone. It had been a nightmear trying to fix what this company has done.

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