heres a topic I dont want to get started on, but I feel I have to. a fad! its sweeping the nation! its myspace! I HATE myspace, I dont hate the idea of it originally, but I Hate what it has morphed into.

originally it was a place for bands to start out. now its a place for every wanna be asshole in the world to post something on there "blog" to get attention from, its about seeing who can look sexy and hot, but to do that you need to be a slut (im a guy, this isn't fucking true, I can tell you that now) I HATE how people try to get as many freinds as possible on myspace even if they dont know them!

Did you know there is actually a program to auto ask people to be your freind on myspace? WTF. I hate sites that help you "pimp your myspace", it fucking sucks, NEWSFLASH WRITE YOUR OWN DAMN HTML, DONT GET OTHERS TO WRITE IT FOR YOU! and most of all, I HATE, HATE, how if you go onto a myspace on accedent (sorry for spelling there) THERE IS A FUCKING SONG PLAYING ON THERE MYSPACE, OR A VIDEO, WHICH ALMOST ALWAYS CRASHES MY BROWSER! I hate the fucking site in general.

myspace 2

As a musician, I still do think that myspace is a good idea to get people's music heard who otherwise wouldn't. But what fucks with me is some of the musicians there who want you to buy their crappy CD's, check out their shows, buy their T-shirts, etc. but can't be bothered to take 5 minutes to just listen to your music. It's not like I'm asking for a record deal...hell, I don't even WANT a record deal, I'm just a musician that wants to be given a chance to be heard, and it burns me up how people bitch and moan about how negative music has become, and when I try to make some positive or even half-way decent music, people turn their noses up at it. I don't know if it's because people have become that arrogant, or if it's because people have become so brainwashed by corporate music. I guess even in music, nice guys finish last

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