Vet Adoptions of Metairie

I wasn't really sure whether to stick this under companies or groups, I'm sure you'll see why. *snort* .. adopting a HUMAN is probably easy by comparison. I'm thoroughly pissed off at these people because I've been looking for a canine companion for our dog for a LONG time - and we *specifically* wished to take in a dog from a rescue shelter *because* they do not have homes, families and are not wanted. We saw a dog on their site we were interested in ... so, I filled out their application. Imagine my surprise and disappointment, when my husband told me that our application had been rejected because OUR dog was not neutered! EXCUSE ME .. but the dogs you people have available for adoption HAVE BEEN neutered/spayed .. so, what in the hell is the problem?! Don't give me the lame excuse that our dog could knock this one up .. if the procedure was done correctly, it isn't going to happen. To "M" - the woman who spoke to my husband, I think it was pretty rude of you to not even finish reading the application when you found out our dog did not meet YOUR specifications. You must not be very interested in placing these poor creatures in GOOD homes, because if you would have bothered to finish reading the application, you would have SEEN that we actually have the perfect environment to house SEVERAL dogs comfortably - not to mention OUR dog is 9 years old and in excellent health (that speaks volumes). What you people do to dogs that pass through your organization is your business .. however, OUR DOG IS NOT BROKEN, SO WHY SHOULD WE HAVE HIM FIXED? Fuck you people .. we'll go to the SPCA.

Petsmart 2

I've been working for Petsmart for a year and a half and I seriously need to quit, problem is I can't quit without having another job lined up.

Here's why I need to leave:

Since 2009 began, I have only worked a total of 8 days this year! Last time I worked was three weeks ago. I would go weeks at a time without a work schedule, I did get unemployment but that ran out and I now have to resort to using what little I have in my savings because of this. The manager says it's simply because that business is slow and had to cut back on hours for some employees and would try to get hours for everyone..what a load of bullshit! He's been hiring new people for the past few months. If business were slow,why go and hire more people? The man has been trying to get me to quit. If he wasn't happy with how I was doing (He told me that he was pleased with my work,by the way!) he could easily fire me without even giving me a reason. If I go to his boss about this, I worry about retaliation. I'm not sure how I can fight this, if I even can.

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